Using Entourage Archive Files

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This movie will help show how you to import an Entourage Archive (.rge) file into Entourage.

  1. Entourage Archive files are useful in transporting your data into any version of Entourage. They are backwards compatible as long as your version of Entourage supports this file type. Entourage archive files were introduced in Entourage 2004.
  2. Entourage Archive files are also useful for archiving your data. They are much smaller than your database. For example:
    database = 630 MB
    .rge file = 253 MB
  3. Useful for quickly creating a new Entourage Identity.

Preview this movie to show how your imported Entourage Archive file works. In this example I will show you how to drag a folder from the imported folder to your Inbox and as a root folder to "On My Computer" . It is not necessary to move these files, however most users want them in their usual destination folders. You can place them anywhere you want regardless of their previous location. Entourage will not import an empty folder. I suggest deleting the "Deleted Items folder" and your "Junk Mail Folder" before exporting your data.

Rules, Signatures and Accounts do not export. You can drag over your Rules and Signature files from a previous Identity. Each rule will need to be reset for the correct folder ID. This includes your Mailing List Manager rules. Accounts will have to be created from scratch. Take screenshots of your accounts to help setup. You can include the password in the screenshot name to help setup.

Export your data as Entourage Archive files.

You can export your data using File | Export as Entourage archive (.rge) file.

Entourage Archive file on your desktop:

When you import this file into Entourage, it will show up like this: