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Troubleshoot Install and Update Problems

  1. Visit the Install section for help installing Entourage.
  2. See Install & Update Errors for help with specific install errors.
  3. Help Updating Office 2008

Before installing...

  • Before you install Microsoft Office, you must first remove the Office Test Drive from your computer using "Remove Office".
  • Quit any applications that are running, including virus-protection applications, all Office applications, Microsoft Messenger for Mac, and Office Notifications, because they might interfere with installation. How to quit Notifications
  • Stuff or zip the Office folder as a backup prior to upgrading in case you need to revert to previous build. To zip a file:
    • Select an item or items in the Finder.
    • Choose File -> Create Archive.
  • See option to use third party application to revert to a previous OS update below.

After the Install

  1. Restart and run Repair Permissions after running updater.
  2. To see that you are updated see instructions here. After an update, the different Office applications can have different version/build numbers.

Troubleshoot Office 2008 Install

Troubleshoot Install All Versions

  1. Update fails. If you downloaded using the Auto update, try downloading the updater from Mactopia. It's possible the autoupdater was corrupted during download. Some updates contain all previous updates while others require a specific update prior to installing. Be sure to read the documentation.
  2. If you used the installer on the CD and it fails, use drag and drop to install. (Drag and drop is not an option in Office 2008.)
  3. If you receive a framework error, re-apply recent updates. A framework error normally means one or more components of Office have not been updated correctly and are now out of synch with other bits.
  4. One or more Office applications missing after applying update. Reinstall from your CD and then run the patch again. This situation has the potential (albeit small) to happen during the upgrade process if there is failure during the process (installer deletes the old app, and then installs the new one).
  5. If you receive error message that the operation cannot be completed because the Alerts Daemon is in use, open Activity Monitor in /Applications/Utilities/, select Alerts Daemon, and click Quit Process button.
  6. Installer cannot locate correct version.
    1. Seemingly unrelated is an Apple OS update. You might need to download the combo updater from Apple and run it again rather than using Software Update. Doing so overwrites potentially problem-causing files. Several users have reported this fixed some odd problems they were having with Entourage. Apple Downloads.
    2. User report: I found that my hard drive has possibly serious issues developing and this seems to be the first symptom. Essentially it boils down to corrupted data on the hard drive but not bad enough to prompt the Mac OS to show an error. (Use Apple's Disk Utility to verify and repair your hard drive)
  7. Some users have reported that doing and Archive and Install of the OS fixed their problems while other users have had to wipe their drives and re-install the OS

Still having trouble...

  • Check your Login Items in System Preferences and be sure you have only one Microsoft Database daemon. If you have more than more, delete them all and let Entourage recreate a new one. (OS X versions only).
  • Use "Remove Office" located in the Office 2004 --> Additional Tools folder" then apply the updates. Note you will need your CD Key.
  • Remove Preference files and try install again. ~/Library/Preferences/:
    • com.microsoft.OfficeNotifications.plist
    • com.microsoft.DatabaseDaemon.plist
    • com.microsoft.Entourage.plist
    • Microsoft/Entourage Preferences

    User Recommended third party software used to revert to pre-update state:

    If you have experienced problems with updates of any kind and want to revert to your last version, check out SuperDuper!. One of the options is to create what the author calls "Sandbox". Here's a description of how this option works:

    A Sandbox is a bootable copy of your system, stored on another hard drive or partition, that shares your personal documents and data with the original. With SuperDuper!, you actually use the Sandbox as your startup volume. You can safely install any system updates, drivers or programs in the Sandbox, without worrying about what might happen to your system. If anything goes wrong, you can simply start up from the original system. SuperDuper! has preserved it in its original, pre-disaster state but all your new and changed personal documents are totally up to date. Within minutes, you're up and running again without having to go through a difficult and time-consuming restore process.

    Problems with entering CD Key

    Carefully check whether you entered the key correctly (see Microsoft Support)

    If that doesn't help, MS has probably disabled the CD key because it has been pirated and spread over the internet. Many copies sold are eBay have pirated CD Keys. If you have a legitimate copy contact MS Customer Service to get a new key.

    "Please verify the Product Key you entered is correct." once in a while the Product Key itself is corrupt or invalid. It's apparently rare but not unheard of. See User Experience.