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The Entourage Help Clinic

Basics to Troubleshoot Entourage

  1. Determine where the problem is located
  2. Ask for help on the Entourage newsgroup
  3. How to report a problem


  1. Solve crashes, conflicts and other disasters
  2. Error Messages...help with Entourage generated errors
  3. Performance Issues...Entourage randomly freezes for a period, takes over system resources, slows down machine, disk churnning, hangs, heavy disk activity, freezes when new mail received
  4. Project Center
  5. Font...check for bad font, font basics, tips
  6. Carbon Registration Database
  7. Install problems
    1. Troubleshoot Office 2008 Install
  8. Rules
  9. Send & Receive Problems
  10. Sync Services
  11. Problems after installing Leopard
  12. Viewing crash logs


  1. How to rebuild
  2. Fix a corrupt database