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Solutions for Intel-based Macs
using Office 2004, pre-Leopard.

1. Entourage fails to launch on Intel-based Macs

Partial Solution for Entourage not launching on Intel-based Macs. Please read notes below...

The solution is to update prebinding via the following steps.

  1. Log in as an administrator
  2. Open the Terminal (located in Applications/Utilities)
  3. Type:
  4. sudo update_prebinding -root / -force
  5. and press Return.
  6. When prompted for a password, enter your admin password, and press Return again. The process may take a few minutes, and you may see various messages flash by. The process is complete when the Terminal returns to a normal prompt.
  7. Type exit and press Return.
  8. Check for the capability to launch Microsoft Office applications.

Note: Users have reported that this is a temporary fix. After running the terminal command, you can quit and relaunch Office applications at will. But if you restart the Mac, launch Entourage, and later quit, you must re-run the Terminal command before you can relaunch Entourage. The fix only lasts until the next restart.

Added Notes:

Running the prebinding update has absolutely *zero* effect on Office 2004 itself, since prebinding only exists for Mach binaries and Office 2004 is not Mach (it is CFM). Redoing prebinding probably just forces some OS cache to get flushed and works around an OS/Rosetta issue. Apple says this is fixed in the 10.4.7 Intel update, but Entourage users are still reporting that the issue still exists.

See related article Crash with MacIntel & Word 2004

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2. Intel-based Mac: Microsoft Office doesn't launch

See Apple KB 303677

Disable all Haxies. Fruitmenu and Windowshade X

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3. Office crashes on Intel-based Mac

See Apple KB

Sometimes the Rosetta libraries, responsible for running PowerPC code on Intel Macs, crash. Thus no PowerPC app launches any more, but a restart (and hopefully 10.4.9) fixes this.

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4. Mail notification not working on some Intel Macs

The mail notification feature was not broken by the 11.3 update, but by the Messenger 6 update. Messenger uses an application called "Alerts Daemon", as does Entourage. However, the Alerts Daemon introduced by Messenger 6 is a universal binary (just like Messenger itself), while Entourage 2004 is a PowerPC application, which means that the new Messenger Alerts Daemon is not compatible with Entourage on Intel Macs when it tries to access it to display mail notifications.

To get the mail notification feature back, you will need to set Entourage's Alerts Daemon application (in Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office) to startup at login. To do that, open System Preferences and click on Accounts. Click on the Login Items (or Startup Items in Mac OS X 10.3) tab, then click on the "+" below the list. Navigate to the Alerts Daemon application and add it to the list. Quit System Preferences, then go to ~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/ (where "~" designates your user account) and delete a file called com.microsoft.AlertsDaemon.plist.

After you've done that, restart your computer. When you now launch Entourage, it should display the mail notifications once again. Note that these mail notifications will only show up when Entourage is *not* the currently active application.

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