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Sync Services and Spotlight FAQs

Learn about Sync Services and Spotlight

Tips for using Spotlight with Entourage

Before you install..

Make a backup of your Microsoft User Data folder along with iCal and Address Book data.

After you install..

Run Repair Permissions


Some users have reported problems with lost data using Sync Services. These "glitches" are a result of problems in Apple's Sync Services. They're still working at it. Keep regular backups!!!

Read Alerts Carefully!! You could end up erasing data!

Frequently Asked Questions

New Feature Questions...

  1. Sync messages
  2. Sync with Palm
  3. Does Sync Services support categories?
  4. Sync directly with Sony Ericsson P910
  5. Sync tasks
  6. Sync Notes to dot Mac and iPod
  7. Should I continue to hide my MUD folder from Spotlight searches
  8. Does iCal import Entourage's holidays
  9. Exchange calendar as default calendar
  10. Sync Win Mobile and Entourage

FAQs for Sync Services and iCal Questions...

New Feature Questions...

1) Can I sync my messages?

No. Because Entourage stores the info in a database you cannot sync one database with another without rewriting the entire database. What you choose to do, depends on how often you feel the need to update. See Sync Database for options.

2) How does Sync Services work with Palm?

Two Options:

  1. Use the regular Entourage conduit with Palm Desktop or The Missing Sync as you did before.
  2. Use Sync Services with The Missing Sync 5.1b. That's the option I chose. You have to disable the Entourage conduit and use the MarkSpace conduits for calendar, address book and notes. It works remarkably well for me and supports Tasks synching.

3) Does Sync Services support categories?


MVP, Michel Bintener reports this work around:

iSync can filter contacts if they are in a group inside Address Book. So use the Sync Services to synchronize your Entourage addresses with Address Book, then create a new group in Address Book (call it "Sync" if you like) and drag the contacts you'd like to have on your phone in there. In iSync, you should normally have the option to synchronize a particular group only with your phone, which should do the job. Of course, as I've said, this is not the ideal solution, as it requires you to do some extra work, but nevertheless, it *should* work.

I have read that I could put a name e.g. "private" in the comment field of any contact, then use the intelligent group feature of address book to create a new group.

MVP, Corentin Cras-Méneur reports....I had a similar problem with Exchange (sync doesn't sync categories there either) and ended up using an AppleScript to write Entourage categories to the custom field 8. This custom field doesn't not appear in the System Address Book, so at this point, the script in question is useless to you, but the original script can easily be modified for anything you'd want. If you have nothing else in the Notes, you could write the categories to notes instead (not an option for me - I would need to write a parser to separate categories informations and the rest of my notes). The scripts I used are available here: http://www.cortig.net/wordpress/?p=73

4) How do you set up Entourage to sync directly with Sony Ericsson P910?

If you have Tiger, Entourage 2004 will now sync to the same database the System Address Book and iCal use. Therefore, if you sync your phone through iSync, it should sync with that common database now.

Just make sure you set the preferences in Entourage to sync to Sync Services.

5) Can you sync Tasks?

Entourage tasks are imported as "to do" items.

Task syncing is supported. Apple just doesn't separate from tasks (to dos) and events within their Sync Service-related dialogs and UI. MS made the decision to match Apple's design within our Sync Services implementation. You'll notice the second check box in the Entourage Sync Services preference pane reads "Synchronize events and *tasks* with iCal and .Mac".

The Missing Sync can actually pull these tasks from the Sync Service database to sync with a Palm handheld for instance.

Generally, as Entourage hooks into iSync, any device listed on the following page should work:


6. With the 11.2.3 update you can synchronize Entourage Notes with dot Mac. I presumed from there I could get them to synchronize to an iPod. I don't see how though.

MVP, Paul Berkowitz explains....

There's no Entourage on your iPod, and no Apple application which does Notes or an equivalent. The Entourage Notes will only display in Entourage. Sync Services has a schema for them (created by Entourage) and .Mac will faithfully store them and pass them on to Sync Services on your other computer, from where Entourage on that computer syncs and displays them. If some other application ever accesses Sync Service's "Entourage Note" schema, you'd be able to get them there too. (I don't suppose you'd need anything from Microsoft to do that - Sync Services schemas must be exposed.) If some other Apple application (TextEdit, maybe?) ever is made to convert these notes to text documents and is also brought into iPods by Apple, then you might get them. Perhaps you could send a request to Missing Sync, if you have it, to see if they could get their conduits to sync to something functioning on an iPod. I suspect they could do it for Palms (which can upload applications such Missing Sync's MemoPad) but not for iPods. And that's presuming such an application could access Entourage Notes in the first place.

Newsgroup User reports this third party application to sync notes to iPod:

iPDA will sync your Entourage notes to your iPod. www.zapptek.com

7) Many of us had hidden our MUDs from Spotlight searches due to performance issues. I wonder if the MUD needs to be removed from the Privacy list in Spotlight preferences (I did remove mine, just on a hunch, and I'm having no problems with Spotlight searches -- the indexing occurred pretty quickly).

Probably best to leave the main identity folder/MUD excluded from Spotlight, assuming that you weren't having any issues beforehand -- the actual indexing is done from the files in ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Microsoft/Entourage, so the private/indexable status of the MUD folder isn't relevant.

8) Does iCal import Entourage's holidays?

iCal does not import Entourage's holidays, because holiday files are already included with iCal.

9) Can my Exchange Calendar be my default calendar?

If you set your Exchange account as the default account in Tools>Account, the main Exchange Address Book and Calendar will be the ones that sync.

10) Sync Win Mobile and Entourage

Try The Missing Sync for WIndows Moble: