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Favorite Scripts to use with Entourage

After MobileMe closed down many of the sites that offered scripts no longer exist. Many scripts no longer work in newer versions of OS X.

Check out speciality scripts created per a user request.

Be sure to assign a shortcut to the script for easy use.

Scripts should be placed in the ‘Entourage Script Menu Items’ folder in your ‘Microsoft User Data’ folder. Scripts can be manually run from the Script menu in Entourage or you can assign a shortcut to the script.

A script application does not go in the Entourage Script Menu Items folder. Place it on the desktop, in a Finder window, in your User Script menu folder, or in the Dock for easy access.

Barry Wainwright

Barry has three scripts that are useful for inserting or creating a URL.

Insert Safari URL...This script is used to insert URLs of pages open in Apple's Safari web browser into mail & news messages in Microsoft Entourage. Links are enclosed in brackets <>.

Make TinyURL...selet a long URL in a message and run this script. It will automatically create a for you saving you the trip to the TinyURL site to create. For more info read blog post Create a TinyURL-no more broken links Part 4

Open Entourage in Mail View rather than in last window open. View screenshot showing how to use in a schedule.

Export Folders By: Barry Wainwright

This script will archive ALL your Entourage mail folders as MBOX files (standard UNIX mailbox format) to a folder on the desktop. It will also (optionally) set the file type to TEXT so that they can be recognized by applications other than Entourage.

Export Selected Events By: Barry Wainwright

Exports certain data from selected events to an Excel spreadsheet. Select Calendar Events and export as a CSV file that can be used in Excel. Useful for creating Invoices.

Steal a Sig By: Barry Wainwright

The Ultimate Signature Utility! This script will create new signatures from text selected in messages, or from text on the clipboard or from text typed into a dialog. It will automatically add fixed text to the start or end of the signature and can (by user preference) put your newly created signature on the random signatures list. In addition, full export to and import from text files of all signatures is supported.

Insert Notes By: Barry Wainwright

Allows for easy use of standardized 'Boiler Plate' text to be inserted into mail or news messages. The standard text is stored in Entourage Notes which must be assigned a category of 'Stationery'. When the script is run a dialog is presented which allows the user to select one (or several) of these notes and the text is then inserted into the current draft message. If no draft is open, a new mail message is created with the contents of the selected notes. (Script ID:326)

Barry's script, Insert Notes, was featured in the "Australian Macworld" (September 02, p. 39) and in "MacWorld" (September 02, p67) "Extending Entourage with AppleScript"

Duplicates Report: By: Allen Watson

Locate, report, and (optionally) flag all duplicate contacts in the Address Book.

File Msgs in Folder By: Allen Watson

With one or more messages selected, this lets you type in a few characters of a folder's name and moves the messages to that folder. If the match is inconclusive, it presents a listing of the folders with the first match selected and lets you select the one you want. Remembers last folder picked for fast repeat operations. Shortcut assigned: Cmd-Shift-M, and typing the folder name, will accomplish ALMOST the same thing, and about in the same time.)

List Keyboard Shortcuts By: Allen Watson

Scans the Entourage Script Menu Items folder with its sub folders and builds a list of all scripts with Keyboard shortcuts defined; decodes the shortcuts and builds a sorted list in a new draft message window.

Open Folder By: Allen Watson

Same concept of typing a folder's name, but opens a folder in your browser window. For your five "main" folders such as Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Sent, and Deleted, you can create individual scripts with keyboard shortcuts for rapid access, but this script lets you pick any folder. (Clicking on the folder pane at left, and typing a name, will also select the folder, most of the time.)

Save messages as text files:

  • Entourage Many to Word By: Allen Watson
    This script will take one or more selected messages (or a single message if open) and will write them all to a single Microsoft Word document.
  • Many to TextEdit by: Allen Watson
    Same as Entourage Many to Word. Saves to TextEdit and not Word.

Allen's script, "Entourage Many to Word" has been included on a MacAddict CD and written up in the September, 2002 issue of MacWorld.

Allen's scripts are also featured in Office v. X for Mac Inside-Out - Microsoft Press.

Address Book List By: Paul Berkowitz

Allows you to print Address Book lists using various criteria.

Make Hyperlinks X or Make Hyperlinks 2001 By: Paul Berkowitz

This script makes proper hyperlinks (live underlined words in ordinary text that open linked web pages) in Entourage messages. It guarantees clickable hyperlinks in HTML messages even when received in Outlook Windows.

Send Complex HTML X or Send Complex HTML 2001 By: Paul Berkowitz

This script allows you to send complex HTML via Entourage. It gets the source of the HTML from either a saved HTML file or from the front browser window of Internet Explorer.

Print Tasks List for Entourage X By: Paul Berkowitz

This script prints the Entourage Tasks List in a fully-customizable Table format in Word. It can do more sophisticated sorting than Entourage, and you can have your most urgent overdue and today's tasks at the top of the list. It can display the list just as in Entourage or with various personal preferences.

"Print Tasks List X" script was demonstrated by Microsoft Business Unit at MacWorld New York in August

File Reply in Same Folder X By: Paul Berkowitz

This script will save any reply you send out to the same folder as the message to which you are replying. This is very useful when you have different folders for specific correspondence. New for X: This script has been completely rewritten for Entourage X. It makes use of Entourage's automatic links to find the original message immediately. See menton below.

Duplicate Calendar Events X By: Paul Berkowitz

There is no way to duplicate an existing Calendar event from one day to another by dragging it to a day in the calendar, nor copying and pasting, nor from a menu. Run this script to make the duplicates, complete with title, location, description notes, categories, and links to everything the original was linked to plus all the other events with the same title. New in X: Reminders are now duplicated too, and the script is faster.See menton below

Merge Contact with vCard X By: Paul Berkowitz

If you run this script with an email message which contains a .vcf (vCard) attachment, and you already have the sender in your Address Book, you can choose to merge the vCard with the existing contact, giving either one priority (as well as "back out" options). This script replaces the earlier Make Contact from vcf script. 6)

Paul's scripts, File Reply in Same Folder X, Duplicate Calendar Events X and Merge Contact with vCard X, were featured in the "Australian Macworld" (September 02, p. 39) and in "MacWorld" (September 02, p67) "Extending Entourage with AppleScript"

Must haves for import/export from the Mac to Win....

Export-Import Entourage for Entourage X and 2001 By: Paul Berkowitz (shareware)

Export and import almost everything ó Contacts, Groups, Calendar Events, Tasks, Notes, Messages, Folders, Accounts, Signatures, Mailing Lists and Categories ó from one identity of Entourage X or 2001 to any other, and transfer Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes to and from other PIM programs on the Mac and Windows, with special converters for Microsoft Outlook, Excel and other programs.

You can import/export between all versions of Entourage, Outlook, Palm Desktop and other PIMs.

The scripts enable archiving, restoration, and data synching or transporting. Some operations are not possible for all types of data, and some are not possible to or from programs that do not support the functions required. The Outlook and Other Converters transfer contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. There are instructions for transferring messages without scripts in the ReadMe.

The current scripts work only with English language and Western European versions of Entourage.

Note: There are separate script packages for X and 2001. If you are exporting from X to 2001 or vice versa, get both script packages.

Export-Import Entourage is shareware. You may use two copies of the same or different versions (X and/or 2001) for one registration payment. There is a one-time free Demo mode for exporting and importing 25 contacts.

There's an entire article on Export-Import Entourage scripts. "Improving the Outlook for Entourage" in the O'Reilly Mac DevCenter.

Paul's scripts are also featured in Office v. X for Mac Inside-Out - Microsoft Press.

Archive Message Folders By Jolly Roger

This script archives each folder in your Entourage folder list to a folder on your desktop named "Entourage Archives". The script preserves the hierarchy of the folders, as they exist in the Entourage folders list, by creating sub-folders in the "Entourage Archives" folder that correspond to the sub-folders in Entourage. The exported MBOX files have the same name as the folders in Entourage, with the exception that forward slash characters (/) are replaced with dash characters (-) to avoid problems with the Mac OS X file system.

Remove Duplicate Messages By Jolly Roger

This script removes duplicate messages from the current selection in Entourage. The script determines whether a message is a duplicate of another message by examining the Subject, From, Date, and Message ID headers. The script optionally archives duplicate messages to disk before removing them in Entourage.

Remove Duplicate Calendar Events By: Jolly Roger

This script removes duplicate calendar events from the calendar in the current identity. The script determines whether an event is a duplicate of another event by examining these event properties: • Subject • Start time• End time • Category (optional - see ReadMe document)

Send Complex HTML with Inline Files 2004 By: Rob Buckley

Send Complex HTML with Inline Files 2004 will take an arbitrary HTML file and embed it in an outgoing Entourage message better still, it will parse the HTML for links to files (images, etc)... attach the file to the message with base64 encoding (using UNIX magic to guess the MIME type)... then rewrite the HTML to reference the attachment rather than the local file. If you run the script on a draft message, whatever text you type into the message body will be used as the plain text alternative to the HTML (for non-HTML compatible clients).

Friendlier Claris it! By: Rob Buckley

Friendlier Claris it! is a simple utility for automatically sorting email received and sent using Entourage. In addition to removing attachments it also will file incoming messages in various preassigned folders (or create them on the fly).

  • Create folders in Entourage for the mail messages based on user preferences. Friendlier Claris It! takes advantage of Entourage features such as nicknames, categories and groups to do this and offers a large number of options for configuration.
  • Automatically save files attached to messages in a central location or in sub-folders
  • Friendlier Claris It! adds links at the top of the emails to the files which it has removed, that will automatically open the attachments. You can have Friendlier Claris It! delete the files from the messages, saving you space in your email database. And unlike Entourage X, Friendlier Claris It! will keep long filenames intact and is file extension-aware.

  • Manage Spam
  • You can designate email senders and whole domains as senders of junk emails so that any future mail from them is automatically deleted.

Changing SMTP servers for multiple accounts

Two Options:

1) Get Paul Berkowitz's "SMTP Location X" script which does it all for you. It has a PREFS script helper which lets you enter all the information - for 5 or as many locations as you want, lets you enter exceptions, authentication variations among the servers, lets you set if there's any account you can't check at a particular location, etc. etc. Then you just use it. You can make changes if and when you want to. Download

2) Click this link to load Barry Wainwright's script into ScriptEditor. You will need to edit 3 properties: property homeServer, property workServer and property currentLocation. The script is at should save the script as a compiled script & put it in the ‘Entourage Script Menu Items’ folder in your ‘Microsoft User Data’ folder.

For easy use of these scripts, create an Entourage schedule to launch the AppleScript at startup.

Toggle Work Offline (compiled script) for quick execution, place in Home->Documents-> Microsoft User Data->Entourage Script Menu Items. It comes with the shortcut control-O. You can modify or delete the shortcut.

Toggle Work Offline (Script Application)The script application does not go in the Entourage Script Menu Items folder. Place it on the desktop, in a Finder window or in the Dock for easy access.

Find Office Version Info: This is a simple script to display the versions of the Office for Mac components. Even if ALL the Office applications aren't updated each time, the Microsoft Component Plugin, which isn't an app, will always show the latest update.

Scripts belong in the Entourage Script Menu Items located in the Documents/Microsoft User Data Folder. You can also run the script from your User Script menu folder.

A script application does not go in the Entourage Script Menu Items folder. Place it on the desktop, in a Finder window, in your User Script menu folder, or in the Dock for easy access.

Entourage X and 2004

  1. Download as script application
  2. Download as a compiled script
  3. French Localized Version

Entourage 2008 requires a different script due to file name changes:

  1. Download as a script application
  2. Download as a compiled script
  3. French Localized Version


Screen shots not necessarily most current version!

Your User Script menu folder

Authors: Bob Greenblatt, Barry Wainwright , Allen Watson, Bernard Rey, Corentin Cras-Méneur