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Mailing List Manager

The Mailing List Manager (MLM) is a user friendly approach to Rules which allows you to set specialized actions for incoming list messages (like the Entourage Talk list). Create custom Rules to manage the remainder of your personal mail.

For any mailing lists that you are on, the MLM is a better bet. It not only acts before the JMF, but it also gives you better ways to control the 'reply to' actions, being able to over-ride the lists preferred setting for 'reply to list' or 'reply to sender'.

In addition, the x-list headers are retained in the MLM info window for easy future reference.

Note: It's very easy to set up a MLM rule by accident, when you are marking a message as 'not junk'. If this happens you can find all of your mail going to the wrong folder. Just delete the MLM rule that was accidentally created.

  • When you set up a mailing list, the MLM asks you to add the list address to your address book. Be sure to do this.
  • Tip: Assign a category to the address. I suggest something like "Talk Lists" or "Lists".
  • 'Mailing List Manager' entries work differently to Rules, and are designed specially for Mailing Lists. Specifically, they don't check who a message is 'from' (since mailing lists can have thousands of contributors), but who a message is 'to' - messages that were sent 'to' the mailing list address, will be handled by the MLM entry. If you try and set one up to handle junk mail, it will use your address (taken from the 'to' field) and handle all mail addressed to you!

Check out the Advanced Tab:

The MLM also allows you to run rules on list messages. Check to allow or prevent further rules from being run on mailing list messages.

If the list reply behavior is not the standard reply to list you can correct here: