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Using SpamSieve with Entourage

Marking Spam Messages

If you want SpamSieve to color messages that it thinks are spam, set up a mail rule in Entourage that looks like this:

To do this, choose Rules from Entourage's Tools menu. Click on the tab corresponding to the type of account you have (e.g. POP). If you have more than one kind of account, you will need to create a rule for each account type. Click the New button. Type a name for your rule. Then click just to the left of Change status to select the first action. Click Remove Action. Click on the menu that says Set category and select Run AppleScript. Then click the Script... button and select the SpamSieve - Mark If Spam file. The rule window should now look like the above screenshot. This will make SpamSieve mark new spam messages that you receive by changing their category and color.

Moving Spam Messages

If, instead, you want SpamSieve to move suspected spam messages to a Spam folder (that it creates automatically), set up the mail rule to use the SpamSieve - Move If Spam script instead:

It is important that you create the rule exactly as shown. Do not add additional actions below the action that runs the AppleScript. Such actions would apply to all messages, which is probably not what you want. To customize what Entourage does when SpamSieve finds a spam message, you need to edit the AppleScript rather than the rule.

Finally, go to SpamSieve's Preferences window. Make sure that Use Entourage address book is checked, and click the Load button.

SpamSieve will now automatically mark or move new spam messages that you receive, depending on which mail action you set up. If SpamSieve is not running when you receive new messages, it will launch automatically.

If you have other rules that move messages, and you want SpamSieve to filter those messages too, you can set up your rules like this:

Once an Entourage rule runs an AppleScript or moves a message, it cannot apply any more rules to that message. However, with Entourage 2004 this is no longer true. Here are some ways to work around this.

One option is to order your rules so that Entourage applies the SpamSieve rule after all your other rules. You can change the order of the rules by choosing Rules from Entourage's Tools menu and dragging the rules in the list to change their order. With this approach, you can filter your good messages into folders however you want. Any mail that is not moved into another folder will remain in your inbox. Then, the SpamSieve rule will either mark the spams as junk or move them to a Spam folder. The disadvantage to this approach is that SpamSieve cannot catch any spams among the messages that were moved by your other rules.

Another option is to add the Run AppleScript action to each rule that moves messages. For instance, suppose you have a rule that moves all the messages from your Work Account account into a Work folder. You could set up the rule like this:

Now, messages sent to that account will be moved to the Work folder. Spam messages sent to that account will be moved to the Spam folder.

You can add the SpamSieve AppleScript action to every rule that moves messages and also to a "catch-all" rule that applies to messages that aren't moved. Then SpamSieve will be able to filter all the messages that you receive.

Please contact spamsieve@c-command.com if you have trouble setting up Entourage to filter messages the way you want.

For more help with SpamSieve visit SpamSieve's web site.

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