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Dealing with Junk Mail

Junk Mail Filter Basics

How the Junk Mail Filter works:

  1. The JMF never assigns messages from contacts in your Address Book to the Junk category.
  2. Entourage 2004 automatically creates a Junk E-Mail folder and when enabled will move the junk messages to this folder. Entourage 2004 seems to work better without additional rules to catch junk. Entourage X and 2001: The JMF will mark suspected junk mail, but you will have to create a junk folder and a rule to move the messages.
  3. Examples of additional Junk Rules
    1. Set rule based on country of origin
    2. Character sets for Korean and other Asian-source spam
    3. Junk domains
    4. Junk Phrases
    5. Junk Subjects
  4. Note: It is not recommended to place Junk mail in the Deleted Item folder. Since you can catch "good" mail, it is best to move mail to a folder for scanning before deleting.

If mail is mistakenly marked as Junk by the JMF, open the message, click on

"This is not junk mail" and select the best option.


Still have junk getting through.....

  • Get a new address...If your junk mail is numbering in the hundreds a day, if possible, you should consider getting a new address and use it with caution. Changing my address dropped my spam from around 70 a day to less than 5 a week.
  • Get a second address to use for web forms, newsletters, newsgroups, mailing lists. This way your personal e-mail can stay separate from lists and newsletters.
  • If you have a web site you can Scrambling "mailto" email addresses. For best results select embed the ASCII code in JavaScript.
  1. Control-click on message and select apply Rule->Junk
  2. Don't reply to spam. It just verifies your address as good.

More info on spam and how to control:

  1. Unsolicited Commercial E-mail Research Six Month Report
  2. Get the free "SpamStopper" and "SpamReporter " scripts here