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Examples of Additional Junk Rules

The Entourage 2004 & 2008 Junk Mail Filter makes most of these rules unnecessary. This page is for Entourage X and 2001. These are examples of additional junk rules. This is not necessarily a recommendation to add them. Trying to stop all spam is a never ending task. Personally, I only use the Junk Mail Filter with the basic Junk Mail Rule. However, if you have specific spam you want to catch, you can try some of the following suggestions.

If you are new to rules, please add one at a time to verify that the rule is not causing problems. You might be better off using something like SpamSieve.

Trying to eliminate junk mail by adding individual addresses as criterion to a rule isn't particularly effective unless it is a consistent problem with one address. Spammers often use random addresses to send spam many of which don't actually exist. So they have a literally infinite amount of addresses they can use, which is why they'll rarely use the same one twice.

Keep the criteria list set to if any criteria are met. Set up an action to change the status to Junk Mail and file into the folder named Junk E-Mail.

There is no limit on number of criteria, but the rule will be slow to open when the number of criteria is large.

Place these rules at the bottom of your rule list.

Junk Subjects should be included under the (subject) criteria


" " (That is, six sequential blanks. Nearly no legit mail has that; many spammers put a series of blanks with a code number at the end. Do not include the quotes along with the spaces)

  • mortgage
  • act now
  • free offer
  • gambling
  • make money
  • viagra

Junk Phrases should be included under the (Message Body) criteria


  • discount prices
  • work from home
  • hardcore
  • xxx
  • various obscenities such as f--k
  • over 18
  • earn money
  • free!
  • stock tip
  • future mailings
  • financial freedom
  • $$
  • one-time mailing
  • joke-a-day
  • viagra
  • breast enhancement
  • stocks & shares
  • Russian virgins

Junk domains should be included under the (From) criteria


Joke.com free4all.com

Character sets for Korean and other Asian-source spam should be included under the (Specific Header) criteria.

To determine character set, look at the source (View -> Source) of a spam message. In the Content-type header, it will show the character set under 'Charset'. Copy character set that is within the quotes onto the clipboard (Command-C).

Example: content-type: message/rfc822 charset="us-ascii"

copy us-ascii Go to Tools -> Rules Mail -> New

If <Specific Header> <Content-type> <contains> <(pasted charset)>

Example of Korean charset

All of Contains does not show in rule. See below:


Set rule based on country of origin... should be included under the (From) criteria.

        "big5" old Chinese set
        ".tw" (Taiwan)
        ".kr" (South Korea)
        ".kp" (North Korea)
        ".cn" (China)

Additional Criteria to include:

(Any header) contains "base64"