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Using Rules with Entourage

There are three different types of rules: Mailing List Manager (MLM) , Junk Mail Filter (JMF) and custom Rules. There is no reason to have a cluttered Inbox. Entourage makes it easy to sort your mail.

Get started using Rules.... Learn to organize your mail

Learn the Basics.....Understanding Rules:

Rules are used to organize your mail.

There are three types of rules used in Entourage to manage your mail. The Mailing List Manager (MLM) and Junk Mail Filter (JMF) are names for specialized rules. Rules are custom rules that you create.

Mailing List Manager (MLM) is a user friendly approach to Rules which allows you to set specialized actions for incoming list messages.

The Junk Mail Filter is a specialized rule to help manage your unwanted mail.

Rules allows you to specify the criteria for custom sorting of your mail.

When you select "All rules" it also runs the MLM and the Junk Mail Filter.

To run "All rules" select from the menu bar Message->Apply Rule->All Rules


Select messages and use the Contextual Menu to select Apply Rule->All Rules

You must set rules for each type of account. Sorry, but you cannot copy rules.

The order of execution on Rules:

  1. Mailing List Manager
  2. Junk Mail Filter
  3. Rules

1) POP Rules act on a message ONLY when it first arrives in the Inbox (On My Computer), NOT when it arrives in any other folder. Once it's moved to another folder it won't be seen by rules.

2) IMAP Rules are meant to act on a message ONLY when it first arrives in the IMAP INBOX, not when moved to another IMAP folder.

3) Exchange Rules act on a message ONLY when it first arrives in the Exchange Inbox.

The key to rules is your Entourage Address Book. Rules rely on an up-to-date Address Book.

Use the MLM for your lists. Then create custom Rules to manage the remainder of your personal mail.

Set your preferences for the Junk Mail Filter. If you are not using Entourage 2004, you will need to set up a Junk folder. See Junk for more info.