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Custom Rules

Create a New Custom Rule

Open the message you want to have the rule act on. This works for both MLM and Rules. Now when you make your selections the data will be automatically entered.

The first element of a rule is the Criteria. The second element is the Action.

  • The Criteria specifies which messages the rule applies to
  • The action specifies what should be done with messages that meet the criteria.

It's not necessary to have more than one action. Entourage comes set with two actions as default.

Understanding Criteria

Option Description
This shows all items that match one or more of the criteria listed below.
This shows only items that meet every criterion specified below.
This shows all items except those that match one or more of the criteria below.
This shows all items except those that match every criterion specified below.

Tips for Rules:

  • Use Categories instead of individual addresses.
  • In general, it's probably faster and more efficient to have all the criteria in one rule, when possible, rather than in separate rules.
  • Applying "All Rules" includes the MLM and Junk Mail Filter.
  • Actions which Move messages or run AppleScripts cannot be followed by other rules (unless the move message command is issued by the Mailing List Manager).This does not apply to Entourage 2004. But you can put some of the same actions into the same rule.
  • You can change the order Rules run. Rules in higher position get applied first. Just drag to change position.