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New2Mac & Entourage

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Recommended Reading: Office for Mac is not a clone of WinOffice

Learn about the Mac

"Mac" stands for "Macintosh", "MAC" is an acronym for "Media Access Control."

IMHO, Your best defence is knowledge. Learn about the Mac. Stop problems before you stumble into a disaster by knowing the basics.

Apple Links:

  1. Mac 101: Your guide to using a Mac effectively and efficiently. If you've switched to Mac from Windows, Switch 101 is just for you.
  2. Mac 101: Mac Essentials This lesson introduces you to the basic principles of interacting with your computer's interface, and teaches you how to do basic tasks on your Mac.
  3. Apple's Find Out How videos.
  4. Apple Discussions: Join a community of experienced Apple customers who assist one another in Discussions. User Tips Index - answers to many of your Mac questions.
  5. Search through thousands of comprehensive technical articles in the Knowledge Base.
  6. Get product information and answers to frequently asked questions in Product Pages.
  7. Download software updates, utilities, and full software installers from Featured Software.
  8. Browse the large selection of Apple manuals available for download from Apple Manuals.
  9. Regular Maintenance / General Troubleshooting
  10. Quick Assist Need help with a certain activity or have issues that need fixing fast? Check out these Quick Assist topics and triumph over your troubles.
  11. Anatomy of a Mac Video tutorials on how to use a Mac.

Basic info that relates to using your Mac and Entourage in New2Mac & Entourage 101.

If you intend to run Windows apps next to Mac apps, MacTech has a great comparison of the three applications. How do Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop, and VMware Fusion stack up?

Macworld articles:

Switchers Guide: Move your files from PC to Mac

Switchers Guide: Moving from Windows to the Mac

OS X Guide: If you don't have much time to spend reading manuals, Rob Griffiths has written an excellent mini-book (PDF) about Mac OS X that I highly recommend. It includes general hints and advice, plus a large collection of tips and tricks. This is now free as it has not been updated recently. It’s still a good source for OS X basics.

New! Mac OS X Hints Superguide Leopard Edition by Rob Griffiths $12.95. Get the PDF There is a free 1.5 MB downloadable sample for you to check out, just to give you a taste. Download the sample. Rob continues to offer a lot of info in an easy to use guide. Highly recommended! So often when I help users troubleshoot we have to start with their system install. Entourage needs a good foundation to work corretly.

Excellent source that covers basics: "Hack Attack: Guide to Switching to a Mac". It covers keyboard shortcuts and symbols, using the dock, hard drive structure, and more, and provides links to further reading.

Take Control e-Books: Take Control of Switching to the Mac!, Take Control of What's New in Entourage 2004

Miraz Jordan's MacTips...Hundreds of tips for using your Mac. Tips covering the things most Mac users want to do with their machines: email, photos, music, chat, connect an iPod, and so on. The focus is on the software included with a Mac.

Confused over what Mac application to replace your windows applications? Here's a list of some cool Mac apps: "What are some essential software titles"

Should Mac Users Run Antivirus Software? I do not recommend desktop antivirus software for the average Mac user, but for those users that are required to use antivirus software, see the following articles:

Should Mac Users Run Antivirus Software? by Rich Mogull. The TidBITS newsletter is an excellent source of info and the TidBITS Talk list is a good place to learn more about the Mac. How to subscribe.

Do you need antivirus software?, by Christopher Breen, Macworld.com

Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Snow Leopard Edition, by David Pogue

Welcome to the Switch To A Mac Guides

A guide for switching to a Mac LifeHacker.com

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: the Ars Technica review, in depth review of Snow Leopard

Fonts to delete after installing Snow Leopard (includes help deleting font caches)

Font Management in OS X, by Kurt Lang

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Can't remember the menu shortcuts...check out Keycue. The neat thing is it lets you see your Entourage script shortcuts in addition to the ones added by the Entourage application. Works in all Mac applications. ($19.95)

Check out xCuts.... a utility for looking up Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts. includes a section on Windows shortcuts that lets you look up the Mac OS X equivalent. (freeware)

Office 2008 Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts ($5)

Office v.X Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts is available for free download

Apple Macintosh Keyboard Shortcuts

Missing the ability to cut-and-paste files to move them? See Dan Frakes's Gem of the Week.

How to choose list of files for copying: On a PC - click mouse and hold ctrl key. In Mac OS X, hold down the Command (Apple) key to select several items.

DoubleCommand! DoubleCommand is software for Mac OS X (a kernel extension) that lets you remap keys, in other words change the way your keyboard works. Often used to make a PC keyboard more comfortable with a Mac, swapping the Alt (Option) and Windows (Command or Apple) keys, since they are in swapped positions on Mac and PC keyboards. DoubleCommand is a quick and easy way to fix this if you use a PC keyboard with your Mac. (donationware)

Use Contextual Menus: The Finder and many other applications take advantage of special shortcut menus (also called "contextual menus"). You can use these menus to quickly choose commands or perform actions specific to an active window or selected item.

Different items appear in a shortcut menu, depending on the context. To see the shortcut menu for an item, hold down the Control key and click the item. View some Entourage Contextual Menus

Read MacWorld article Contextual menu shortcuts? for tips.

Version and Updates

Which version is newer? Office X or Office 2008? One of the problems I find when I want to explore PC versions is knowing which version is the newest. To see the version history for Office: Mac and how to tell what version of Office you are using click here.

Stay up to date with your applications [Important]

For Apple updates, open System Preferences --> Software Update panel. Select to receive updates daily, weekly or monthly. I select daily. Software update runs in the background and alerts you when there is an update.

For Microsoft Office updates, select Check for Updates under Help in the menu bar when Entourage is active. Microsoft AutoUpdate provides a list of updates, and you can then choose the updates you want to download and install. Once the updates are downloaded to your computer, AutoUpdate installs them for you. AutoUpdate does not download and install updates without your consent.

Sources for help: If you just want quick answers, look for answers in a forum or subscribe to a newsgroup. If you want more of a community atmosphere, join a mailing list.

Software used by Mac users

Not sure what's available for the Mac. See this thread on the MacOSXHints forum for recommendations from users.


Read Basics everyone should know about using Entourage

Transfer mail from PC to Mac

Tips for using Entourage

Set Up Entourage..quick start

Frequently Asked Questions for new Entourage Mac users

  1. Will my contacts in my Hotmail account automatically sync with Entourage?
  2. Add contacts automatically from emails rather than entering manually
  3. What is Entourage's Sync feature
  4. How do you synchronize your Entourage contacts, to do and calendar with your mobile?
  5. What is "Blue Phone Elite"?
  6. Will Entourage Sync with my mobile phone?
  7. Check for email every 10 minutes
  8. Does Entourage 2004 support Task SUBFOLDERS?
  9. Graphic icons morph. A Word icon turns into a JPEG document icon.
  10. How do I create dummy accounts to send mail?
  11. Set a Reply email address that is different from the actual email address.
  12. Set a different signature for original mails and for replies
  13. View two calendars side by side
  14. Send email from Word
  15. Find Mac OS X equivalent shortcuts
  16. Recall a sent message
  17. Delayed send for a message
  18. Entourage automatically deletes emails after they are opened
  19. View other people's calendars
  20. Errors when trying to send encrypted or signed mail
  21. Sort address book by "Last Name, First Name" order (this is now a feature in Office 2008)

1) I've loaded up Entourage for the first time and have the following question: Will my contacts in my Hotmail account automatically sync with Entourage, or will I have to do an import?

No, Entourage doesn't offer that feature. If you have a Windows machine with Outlook Express, you can download your Hotmail address book there and then export it. Then, you can use Paul Berkowitz's "Export-Import Entourage" script package to import the data into Entourage. See the Cross Platform Win to Mac page for help.

3) What is "Entourage's Sync feature"? Where do I find it and how can I use it?

Entourage 2004 added sync capabilities with update 11.2.3

You'll find most of your questions about Sync Services answered here:

4) How do you synchronize your Entourage contacts, "to do" and calendar with your mobile?

To Do items


If you have Tiger, Entourage 2004 will now sync to the same database the System Address Book and iCal use. Therefore, if you sync your phone through iSync, it should sync with that common database now.

Just make sure you set the preferences in Entourage for Sync Services.

5) What is "Blue Phone Elite"? How does it work and where can I get it?

Blue Phone Elite extends the calling features of your cell phone to OS X.

6) Will Entourage Sync with a Nokia e71 (symbian)? If not, is there any other way?

Generally, as Entourage hooks into iSync, any device listed on the following page should work:

iSync Compatible Devices

7) My PC friends tell me they have Outlook check for email every 10 minutes is this option possible on a Mac with Entourage? If so where would I find the setting?

In your Schedules (under the tools menu) you should have an item called 'send and receive all'. This is the schedule that gets called when you click the Send button in the toolbar (or hit cmd-K).

Open it up, and set the 'occurrence' to be a repeating schedule with a time period of 10 minutes (or whatever you feel necessary)

8) Does Entourage 2004 support Task SUBFOLDERS?

You can do what you're looking for, as long as you don't think of it as a "folder". Why should tasks be in a "folder" or "subfolder", just because Outlook Windows does it that way?

What you really want is to be able to keep separate sets of tasks, right? In Outlook you do it by subfolders, you Entourage do it this way:

First, create categories of the same names as you would have made for the subfolders (e.g. "SubTasks 1", "SubTasks 2", etc.). You do that in Edit/Categories/Edit Categories.

Now make new custom views, one for each of these task categories. You do that in New/Custom View. For each one, give it the same name as one of those new categories (e.g. "SubTasks 1", "SubTasks 2", etc.). set

Item Types: √ Tasks [only]

and set the criterion to be:

Category Is SubTasks 1

with the appropriate category name for this custom view. Make sure that you select ONLY Tasks as Item Type.

You will now find all these new Task Views listed in the left column of the Tasks area of Entourage. Just like subfolders. EXACTLY like subfolders.

Now, when you want to make a new task (or "move" an old one to one of these Task Views), assign it "SubTask 1" or "SubTask 2" category as appropriate. It does not have to be the only category - it doesn't even have to be the primary category displaying the color. You can set whatever categories you want (you can fiddle with the popup list by clicking the Categories column for the task - the last one you choose will become the primary category - but if there's more than one category it's easier to choose the primary one via Edit/Categories/Assign Categories window. It has a "Make Primary" box at the bottom.)

Now you can use all the new Task Views exactly as you used subfolders in Outlook. Just click on each one and you'll see only the tasks for that view (category). There's even the advantage that the full Tasks List shows you all at once, without having to copy the tasks from subfolder to main folder as in Outlook.

- Paul Berkowitz, Mac MVP

9) Graphic icons morph. A Word icon, for instance, turns into a JPEG document icon.

It usually is the sign that the link between apps and files is somewhat corrupted. You can always select the file, press command-I to get the info and re-affect it to the proper application (and click apply to all). If the problem persists even after a reboot, it might be time rebuilding the LaunchService database (that stores the application-file link). Use an application like Onyx (free) to trash the User cache and reboot. Some files will have generic icons/old, but slowly, as you launch the corresponding applications (and reboot at one point or another) the link will be recreated and the files will have the proper icons.

10) In Outlook Windows I am used to having four different addresses that I use as FROM addresses. That way, I can answer business and private mail from the same mailbox. Also, I can choose to let only some people see my true mailbox address.

Anyway, the way I did this in Outlook was to have my Exchange account set up and then simply set up three dummy POP3 accounts with the remaining three addresses. How do I do this in Entourage?

Create a Send Only Account. Under Tools in the menu bar select Accounts. Create a new Account. Name it user S/O to indicate it's a send only. Fill in all the info as usual, but do not check Include this account in my "Send & Receive All" schedule. I use a no spam account that is used to send only for newsgroups. To use the account, just select the address in the From popup for sending unless the account is linked to a list like the newsgroup.

11) In Outlook, I could set a Reply email address that is different from the actual email address. I can't see where to do that in Entourage.

Put the Reply email address in the header. This will change the From address for replies. It will not hide the original sending address. Open Account. Click on the Options tab. Insert Reply-To in the header and put desired address under Value for your new reply to address.

12) Outlook allows you to set a different signature for original mails and for replies, but Entourage does not. Is there a way to get this behavior?

Yes, see Barry Wainwright's blog entry Set a different Signature for replies.

13) View two calendars side by side?

You can't replicate the 'two calendars in one window' view that you can get in Outlook.

14) I send a lot of emails from my Word documents. In my PC all I would have to do after generating the file is go up to "File" and choose send to and one of the choices would be "mail recipient". When I click on that, Outlook would pop up with a new email slot open and that word file already attached to it. Can I do the same with Entourage?

You bet. In Word 2004, it works the same way. Just choose File> Send to > Mail Recipient as attachment

Just for fun, see if you like grabbing the icon in the title bar of the document and dragging it down to the Entourage icon in the dock-- does the same thing.

15) Find Mac OS X equivalent shortcuts

Check out xCuts.... a utility for looking up Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts. includes a section on Windows shortcuts that lets you look up the Mac OS X equivalent. (freeware)

16) Is there a script to recall a sent message? That' a feature from Outlook that I really miss.

There is not. It's highly unreliable in Outlook. It only works with local Exchange recipients and only if they have not read the message. Things really get goofy with multiple recipients, as one person might have read the original message before you recalled it and another after - leading to some confusion.

Honestly, your best bet is to get out of the habit and proof your emails before sending. And if you make a mistake, which everyone does, go ahead and send out a correction to set the record straight.

17) Outlook has the option for unsent message to be delayed to a specific date/time when it will then automatically sent at the time set. How do you do this in Entourage?

The same functionality can be achieved in Entourage through a script:

Try the "Delayed Send" or "Postpone, Delayed Send" script, both of which are available for free at the ScriptBuilders website.

18) Entourage automatically deletes emails after they are opened.

They're probably not getting deleted. I suspect you have enabled the View --> Unread Only option. If you see a checkmark next to it then select it again to turn it off.

19) How do I get to view other people's calendars? They are window users in my office and I want to see if they are available for a meeting or not.

In Exchange environments, this is the free/busy schedules, which is hosted on the "public folder" server.

You are asking for one thing but explaining you want something else. You says you want to "view other people's calendars" but this is not required just to see if they are free or busy. You can see free/busy information when you create a calendar event, invite someone and then click the Scheduling button.

20) I always get errors when trying to send encrypted or signed mail stating the I don't trust the signing authority.

You probably have a self-signed certificate from your server, which is not recognized as trusted. You would need to request the root certificate from your server administrator and then import that into your Keychain.