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Steps to update Office 2008 after installing from DVD

Follow these steps to update Office from either 12.0.0, 12.1.0 or 12.2.0
If you are doing a re-install see this page

  1. Launch the Microsoft Autoupdater (MAU).To launch MAU, you can open any Office application and select "Check for Updates" under Help in the Menu bar. Once MAU is launched, select "Keep in Dock"
  2. Quit all Microsoft applications (Easy way: log out. When you log in, hold down the Shift key. This will disable all startup items including the hidden ones. It's important all Microsoft applications are quit, but quitting all applications will result in fewer problems overall. Any open application could be corrupted by the process.
  3. Select the MAU from the Dock and let it download the updater. Newer DVDs come with 12.1.0 or 12.2.0. These are the updaters in order you need to install. Updaters must be installed in order listed. For example 12.2.0 requires that 12.1.0 be installed first.
    Restart between each updater.
    • 12.1.0 SP1
    • 12.3.0 (this includes all updaters between 12.1.1 and 12.3.0)
    • Exchange users can update to EWS 13.1.0 More info
  4. Restart...restarting before you launch any app is important! (be sure you use the same log in with Shift key down between each update)
  5. Select the MAU from the Dock to see if any additional updaters have been released since this page was updated.
  6. You can remove from Dock after you complete the updates, but remember to do this for future updates.

Updating to Exchange Web Services (EWS)

Entourage users on Exchange 2007 or higher need to upgrade to the EWS version for improved Exchange support. When you have fully updated Entourage, you can go to the Microsoft downloads page and download the latest EWS updater. Currently this is 131.0. After you update the MAU will automatically update Entourage in the future for EWS.

Restarting between updates is important for a successful install.

See this page for an introduction to updates. Includes dos and dont's for successful updates in the future.

Users that have used the "unofficial fix" for past updates are finding that updates will no longer install. If you have used this method for install errors, you most likely will have to re-install Office. See How to re-install Office 2008