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Remove Office

Where can I find the application, "Remove Office" ?

"Remove Office" is located in the Additional Tools folder in the following locations:

/Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Additional Tools/Remove Office/Remove Office
/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Additional Tools/Remove Office/Remove Office
/Applications/Microsoft Office X/Additional Tools/Remove Office/Remove Office

What is the difference between remove and delete ?

If you drag the Microsoft Office folder to the trash and delete it, it will remove the applications, but it will not remove preferences and other hidden files. Your data in the Microsoft User Data folder is also not removed.

"Remove Office" in Office 2008

  1. does remove receipts in Library/Receipts (old receipts could make the AutoUpdater think you are already updated)
    1. receipts start with "office2008"
    2. Snow Leopard users: You need remove the com.microsoft....plist files in this invisible folder. In the Finder toolbar under Go, paste in this path: /private/var/db/receipts
  2. does not remove Automator Actions in Library/Automator
  3. does not remove Microsoft Preferences in ~/ Library/Preferences
    1. If you do remove your User's Microsoft preferences, be sure to save your dictionary file in the Microsoft folder in preferences.
  4. does not remove fonts in Library/Fonts/Microsoft
  5. does not remove /Library/Application Support/Microsoft Folder (contains MERP,MAU)

"Remove Office", an Office application is used to completely remove all Office files in Office 2004 and older versions of Office.

"Remove Office" removes both preference files and custom templates, so you should make a backup copy of the preferences and templates in another location on the machine before running the removal tool. See Files to Backup.

Tip: put your templates in your Microsoft User Data folder, where they won't be touched, and set the Project Gallery to find them there.

Using "Remove Office" does not delete your Microsoft User Data folder that contains your email messages.

"Remove Office" is different from dragging the MS Office folder to the trash. It deletes invisible files and preferences used by MS Office. If all you need to do is reset your license see Resetting your Mac Office PID

"Remove Office" is located in the following locations:

Entourage 2004:

Entourage 2008: Additional Tools folder In the Microsoft Office 2008 folder.

Entourage 2004: Additional Tools folder In the Microsoft Office 2004 folder.

Entourage X: Value Pack folder on the Office X CD.

Office 2001: Do not use the Remover available on the CD; it isn't current. Download the Office 2001 Remover from Mactopia."

WARNING: The Remove Office tool can remove files that are installed by Microsoft Office 98, Microsoft Office 2001 for Mac, and Office v. X, including Microsoft shared libraries, such as Microsoft OLE, which might be required by other programs. If a program does not start after you use the Remove Office tool, try reinstalling the program to fix the problem.

More Info: See Microsoft KB 871017

To manually remove Office

How to Remove Microsoft Office 2001 from Your Computer

How to Manually Remove Office v. X for Mac from Your Computer (These instructions can also apply to Office 2004.)