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Install Office X

  1. Insert the CD and drag the "Microsoft Office X" folder to your "Applications" folder (the default folder for all programs) or to your User's Applications folder.
  2. Follow the instructions to install any Value Pack items that you may want.

    (You can always install others later although you will need to reapply all updaters.)

  3. Open Word, Excel and PowerPoint once to cause them to initialize themselves.
  4. Open Entourage which will first initialize itself and then show a series of setup dialogs which allow you to easily enter personal information, set up your e-mail account and even import from other applications. (Of course, you can edit all of this information and import data at any time.)
  5. Install the latest updates.

Update Office X

After the install, be sure to

  • Restart
  • Empty the trash. Old copies there can cause problems.

It's important to install updaters. See the Version page for complete info on updaters.

Please note, not all updates modify every program, so the versions can be different for each application.

Note: Using Repair Permissions after installing MS Office or any application that uses an installer is often advised. This is especially important for Jaguar users.

To use Repair Permissions:

  1. Open Disk Utility in your Applications/Utility folder.
  2. Click on the First Aid tab and select Repair Permissions
  3. Click on the icon for your boot volume.
  4. Click the repair permissions button.

Don't run from CD. Updates contain a newer version of Repair Permissions.

Run Repair Permissions from the volume being repaired.