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Install Office 2004

Choose Office Setup or just drag and drop. Note: Problems can occur using the installer. In some cases the installer cannot overwrite certain files. Use the drag-and-drop method of installation instead.

Don't share you CD Key. The next thing you know it will be all over the internet and a version updater will disable the pirated number.

Write down your CD Key and keep it in a safe location. I suggest keeping your number on your computer in a protected file and on a hardcopy. I personally use Web Confidential to store my registration info on my computer. More info

Keep your CD where you can find it. You might need it to reinstall.

Minimum OS Requirements for Office 2004 (10.2.8 )

After the install, be sure to

It's important to install updaters. See the Version page for complete info on updaters.

Please note, not all updates modify every program, so the versions can be different for each appliction.

If you are installing Office 2004 AFTER you have installed Office 2008 be aware that you should install 2004 first. Entourage 2008 moves fonts to a different location disabling the older 2004 fonts. If you install 2004 AFTER 2008 it will just reinstall them.This could cause problems with Office 2008 fonts. Office 2004 can use the Office 2008 fonts. It will also result in more fonts being installed.

Office 2008 Font Install:

Office 2008 uses a different method for fonts and many fonts are new versions. Office 2008 will install fonts to the /Library/Fonts/Microsoft folder. By being at the root, then all users on the machine have access to them and you don't get Office 2008 putting multiple copies on the machine for each user.

The installer will scour /Library/Fonts/ and ~/Library/Fonts/ for fonts with the same name and move them to /Library/Disabled Fonts/ or ~/Library/Disabled Fonts/ depending on where they were found.