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Manually Move your Data
When Import Identity or Rebuild Fails
Move to a new Identity -same version

Some users are having problems importing their data into Entourage 2008. Others successfully import but soon after experience serious database failure with their 2008 Identity. When this happens, you need to start a new Identity. You will need to manually move over your data. There is no import option for an Identity for the same version. Once data has been manually moved into a new Identity, users are reporting stable working Identities.

  • You can import from an older version to a newer version. e.g. OE to Entourage 2001, Entourage X, 2004 tor 2008.
  • You cannot import from a newer version to an older version. e.g. Entourage X to Entourage 2001, or Entourage 2008 to Entourage 2004.
  • You cannot import from the same version of Entourage. e.g. Entourage 2004 to Entourage 2004 or Entourage 2008 to Entourage 2008.
Introduction to Import/Export


  1. Force an Update
  2. Manually move your data

Force an Update (X, 2004 to 2008)

If the Setup Assistant , First Run Setup Wizard, or File | Import. fails, you can try to force an update. Move your Main Identity folder from your previous version of Office into, the Office 2008 Identities folder. Your old Main Identity will overwrite the new blank Main Identity. (If Entourage 2008 has not created an Office 2008 Identities folder, then open Entourage 2008 and let it create one.) Open Entourage and it should start a lengthy updating process. If this fails, then you will need to manually move your data. This requires access to your old data. If you no longer have the application installed or the Identity fails to open there is no way to salvage your data.

Manually move your data

All are options to bring over your data without going through the update process. This will get data from folders "On My Computer", contacts, tasks, notes, calendar events. Exchange and IMAP users need only to create a new Identity and enter the account info to get their mail.

Entourage X- How to manually move your data.

Entourage 2004 and 2008- How to manually move your data

Import Apple Mail manually if Import fails