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Convert .emlx to .eml

Starting with Apple Mail 2.0, which came with Tiger, Apple changed the way e-mails are stored. Mail now stores its messages individually as .emlx files, which can be found in

<your user name>/Library/Mail/<name of the account>/<name of the folder>/Messages.

Because of this change, Entourage (older than Tiger) does not know how to import Apple Mail 2.0 correctly. You need to change Tiger .emlx to .eml files in order to import mail into Entourage.

Step 1 - Drag mailbox from Mail to desktop.

Step 2 - Use Automator to change file extension from .emlx to .eml

In Automator, select "Rename Finder Items" Under "get Specified Finder Items", drag and drop all of the files from the Messages folder (those files ending with .emlx) into the pane.

Under "Rename Finder Items (Replace Text in finder Items)," select "Replace Text" in the drop down menu. Under "Find:" put ".emlx" Under "Replace:" put ".eml"

Under Copy Finder Items, Select a target folder (e.g.: Inbox for Entourage)

Click Run.

Step 3 Drag files from desktop to Entourage.