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Create a Fake NoSpam Account

To help avoid receiving unwanted messages (spam) in your regular e-mail account, you may not want to include your regular e-mail address when you post a question or reply to a post in a discussion group. Instead you may want to do one of the following:

  1. Use a secondary e-mail account: Set up or use an e-mail account, such as a Hotmail account, that is separate from your primary account for posting to discussion groups. When you post a question or reply to a discussion group, use your Hotmail account as your e-mail address.
  2. Create a throw away address (disposable email service). Check snakemail.com for a good supply of individual and throw away addresses
  3. Use a modified e-mail address: Use a different version of your e-mail address that others will understand, but that spam tools can't automatically pick up. Examples: (see note 2 on .invalid)

Example Names

  • jdoecomcast.net.invalid
  • jdoe@nospam.comcast.net.invalid
  • jdoe@nospam.comcastDOTnet
  1. To create an alternate send-only POP account to use as the email account for the MS news server:
  2. In Tools/Accounts/Mail, make a new POP account.
  3. Enter your real name and a false email address.
  4. Do not enter _anything_ in the POP mail server/receiving area.
  5. Enter your real SMTP server in the sending area. (If your ISP requires authentication, click "Advanced sending options, and enter your password there.)
  6. Click OK, and again when you're warned that you didn't enter any POP server.
  7. Now in Accounts/News/Microsoft News Server, make this spoof account the email account for the news account, and all will be fine.

Note 1: You can't actually send or receive regular email with this account. Be sure not to include it in your Send & Receive schedule.

Note 2: Per RFC 2606, `.invalid' top level domain has been reserved and will never be used for legitimate traffic. It should be appended to the end of any email address that is not valid.

Example: jdoe@nospam.comcast.net.invalid

Note 3: In your signature you should add <--fix this before replying

Example: jdoe@nospam.comcastDOTorg <--fix this before replying