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Find Your Entourage Database

Entourage opens and all your mail is gone. You panic! Frantically look for your mail, but you can't find your database. Gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair commences. :-)

Most likely you have accidentally moved your data. Hopefully, you have not deleted the file. If you have deleted the trash, it's gone. Sorry!

Select Switch Identity and see if your old identity is still listed.

Entourage expects the folder to be in your Documents folder. For OS X users, that's the Documents folder in your User's folder.

(Note I used custom icons for the MUD and Office 2008 Identities folders)

To find your old database, search for "Microsoft User Data" (without the quotes).

If you have not used a new identity in Entourage, then copy the entire Microsoft User Data folder to the correct location.

Fix if you have more than one Microsoft User Data Folder...

Move the entire identity folder you want to use to the Office Identities folder that Entourage is recognizing. Your identity is named "Main" by default. Be sure to rename one so you do not overwrite. Your identity folder can contain more than one identity.

Switch Identities to view your old mail. If you have not used the new identity, delete it. If you have used it and want to combine the new mail with your original database, drag each folder to the desktop from one identity. This creates an MBOX file. Switch identities. Drag the MBOX files into the folder window of Entourage.

You can delete the old folder after you are satisfied with the transfer.