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Create a Schedule

Entourage includes four built-in schedules, which you can modify to meet your needs.

  1. Empty Deleted Items Folder: This schedule empties the Deleted Items folder and is set up to run only when Empty Deleted Items Folder is selected from Run Schedule on the Tools menu.
  2. Empty Junk E-mail Folder: This schedule deletes all messages older than 30 days from the Junk E-mail folder. This schedule runs only when selected from the Tools menu.
  3. Send & Receive All: This schedule sends all mail stored in the Outbox for all mail accounts and checks for new messages in all mail accounts. This schedule runs whenever Entourage is started and connected to the Internet, as well as every 10 minutes until Entourage is closed.
  4. Send All: This schedule sends all mail stored in the Outbox for all mail accounts. This schedule runs only when selected on the Tools menu.

Create a schedule

  1. On the Tools menu, click Schedules.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the Name box, type a name for the schedule.
  4. Under When, click an item on the pop-up menu. If time interval options appear, select the options you want.
  5. To add additional times to the schedule, click Add Occurrence, and then repeat step 4.
  6. Under Action, click an item from the leftmost pop-up menu, and then select corresponding options, moving from left to right.
  7. To perform additional tasks, click Add Action, and then repeat step 6.
  8. In the Dial-up options area, do one of the following:
    1. To maintain your Internet connection after the schedule runs, click Stay Connected.
    2. To close your Internet connection after the schedule runs, click Close.
    3. To maintain or close your Internet connection after the schedule runs (depending on whether you are connected to the Internet before the schedule runs), click Return to previous state.

Example of Schedule to connect every 10 minutes.

Under Actions be sure to include each account that you want included in the schedule.

IMAP Schedule

For IMAP accounts, only messages contained in the Inbox folder are received by default. You can change the default Send & Receive All schedule to automatically check for mail in other folders. If you have an IMAP or news account, you can run schedules only for folders that you are subscribed to.

Click here for account options:

Account Options:


If you set up schedules to run automatically and you disconnect your Macintosh computer from the network to travel, click Work Offline on the Entourage menu to avoid getting connection errors.

All Microsoft Exchange Server Address Books, Calendars, and Mail folders are synchronized with the Exchange server automatically. To synchronize, you must have an account on a server running Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 or later.

Schedules never run if you are using Work Offline This applies to emptying the trash too.

Schedules can be set to run "On Quit"

If you have a schedule or script running at shutdown time that is taking a while to complete - check your schedules for any that run at shutdown, and disable them


Use a Schedule - such as Send & Receive All to receive news automatically (which receives just the headers) to all your subscribed newsgroups, and also set up a Rule to retrieve all.

See Rules