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  1. Insert Safari or OmniWeb URL
  2. Insert IE URL in Entourage X and 2001
  3. Format for URL
  4. Links aren't blue...can't click

1) Is there a way to insert Safari URLs into an Entourage message?

Yes!! Get one of these free scripts at scriptbuilders. Be sure to assign a shortcut to the script for easy use.

2) How do I insert an Internet Explorer URL in Entourage X and/or 2001?

See Insert URL faq #2

3) I have problems with URLs in my messages. I find that in messages I create, URLs display but they are not active. Also what's the best way to send a long URL...especially one that goes over one line?

When you compose a message the links do not appear active, but they are. Just save the message as a draft and you will then see the active links.

Enclose the URL with < and > viz: <http://www.office.mvps.org/> so that if the URL wraps over more than one line, it will still work when it gets there. Don't forget to format with the http:// prefix.

If you are sending HTML messages and your recipient is in Outlook or Outlook Express WINDOWS, they don't get Entourage's type of clickable links. (Entourage X)

That's only true for older versions of Entourage. If you update to the latest build of Entourage X, the links should be clickable on the Windows side. Download and install the latest Office X update. It's available from Microsoft.

4) Web addresses aren't underlined and blue or web addresses are underlined and blue, but clicking is unresponsive. How can I open these links?

Just Command-click the URL to open it in your default browser. See Set Preferences to learn how to change your default browser.