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  1. Configure Tasks/Notes to prompt save
  2. Create Recurring Task
  3. Turn off task list when viewing the calendar

Also see: Create a Custom View for tasks with no due date and incomplete scheduled tasks

1) How do I configure Tasks/Notes to prompt me to save before closing?

Go to Entourage -> General Preferences. Click the Notification tab, then click the button to Reset Confirmation Dialogs, then click OK.

2) How do I create a recurring task to remind me to backup Entourage?

This example shows a backup on a weekly basis. The more important your mail, the more frequently you need to backup. See Backup for options on how to backup your data.

Note: when the reminder pops up, just click Complete and a new task will be created.

3) I'm using Entourage 2004. Is it possible to turn off the task list when viewing the calendar? Current, the task list shows up on the right side of the window. I'd just like to see the calendar.

You can turn off the Tasks Pane by going to menu Calendar and unchecking the Tasks Pane menu item.