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Performance Issues


  1. Why is it taking so long to open my Address Book?
  2. Entourage and other Office apps take a long time to quit.
  3. Long time to switch between folders
  4. Typing slow in Entourage X
  5. Take longer to sort on Custom Fields
  6. Long delay before font list drops

1) Why is it taking so long to open my Address Book?

Once it opens, click on the name column to re-sort your contacts. That should cause Entourage to re-sort the list and speed things up.

2) Entourage takes a LONG time to quit, maybe 50 seconds or so... BTW, the same goes for my other Office apps. Any help would be much appreciated, since Force Quit does not seem like a healthy long-term solution.

Two likely causes:

  1. You have a schedule or script running at shutdown time that is taking a while to complete - check your schedules for any that run at shutdown, and disable them
  2. You have a firewall blocking some higher port numbers which Entourage uses to check for other copies with the same serial number running on the network - this was a 'known issue', and the SR1 update addressed this. It's still possible you need to check your firewalls.
  3. If have Norton Personal Firewall 2 installed, try turning off the stealth mode and then testing, it should resolve the issue. The stealth mode in version 2 interferes with the network PID checking and there is no other workaround other than to turn off the stealth mode if that is the cause of your issue. The incompatibility between Office X and Stealth Mode seems to be resolved with Personal Firewall 3.

3) Recently I have noticed that it is taking a very long time to switch between folders. What would suddenly cause such a slow down? Even folders with only 200 emails are taking several seconds to refresh.

A couple of options:

1. Try changing the column by which you are sorting the folder ( try sorting by Subject or Name by clicking on the heading, for starters).

2. Your database may have become fragmented. Do a Typical Rebuild. Instructions on how to Rebuild Database can be found on the Rebuild page.

4) Entourage X just seems slow. Especially typing. What gives?

For users who have recently installed Jaguar, updating to the latest Jaguar release has improved speed. Also, the latest updates should be applied to Office if you haven't done so already.

Users have reported that Grammarian, TypeIt4Me, FaxSTF slowed speed considerably. Especially if you have removed language resource files for languages other than English. This problem existed only in OS X prior to OS X 10.2 (Jaguar); it may have been fixed in that release."

Test solution: "Try eliminating all language keyboards except your home language: In OS X, open System Preferences-->International. Select the "Input Menu" tab, and uncheck everything except one keyboard for your main language. (This will disable Grammarian and TypeIt4Me, for instance.) The keyboard menu in your main menu bar (a flag) will disappear. Now, try typing in Entourage and see if the speed has improved."

5) Why does it take longer to sort on Custom Fields than on fields defined by Entourage?

Entourage indexes the commonly used fields for searching and sorting. Custom fields are not indexed and thus take longer to sort.