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FAQs: Insert

  1. How do I...insert a picture, background, sound, movie
  2. Insert URL into message
  3. Insert Safari, OmniWeb and Firefox URLs

1) How do I...insert a picture, background, sound, movie?

Entourage X and 2004 Menu Item Insert

Message Insert

This option doesn't exist in 2001. Get the script Send Complex HTML. It allows you to insert images inline, but requires a full-blown standalone HTML editor to create the source of the message body.

2) How do you insert a URL from Internet Explorer into a mail message?

Entourage 2004: This option was removed in 2004.

Entourage X Entourage 2001

3) Is there a way to insert URLs into Entourage 2004 messages?

Yes!! Check out these scripts:

Be sure to assign a shortcut to the script for easy use. See Scripts for more info on how to assign shortcuts to scripts.