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In Entourage you have either "Folders on My Computer" or "On My Computer". This is for mail that is actually on your computer not a server.

In earlier version of Entourage they were called "Folders on My Computer". In Entourage 2008, they are "On My Computer". The benefits of this is the mail on your computer is under YOUR control.

If you have an Exchange or IMAP account, then they will create folders in the folder list under the Account- each with their own Inboxes. Mail in these accounts are kept on a server. Many Exchange users archive their mail to folders on their computer. Check out this script that will automate this.

Folder Examples
Exchange Account IMAP Account

When you add an Exchange or IMAP account, you will need to edit your Schedule to select which folders you want to sync.

If you add folders to an IMAP account, you will need to subscribe to those folders.

In the folder list on the left select the account name so that your folders display on the right. Right-click or Control-click the gray items and select "Subscribe".

New to Entourage 2008, Your Default Account is now listed on top in the folder window. You cannot delete the folders "On My Computer". If you use an Exchange or IMAP account the folders "On My Computer" will drop to the bottom right above Mail Views. Mail Views position never changes.

Many users ask why can't they delete "Folders on My Computer" . All accounts send through the Outbox. "Folders on My Computer" serves as an interface to store and organize (archive) messages locally on your computer. Until MacBU develops .pst support or something similar, we need this capability. Toggle to close by clicking on the arrow and reduce the space used.

You can create any additional folders as subfolders of the Inbox rather than as root folders. This is an option to help conserve viewing space by toggle open/closed.

Subfolders of Inbox Toggle Inbox Closed Folders in folder root list

In the last view "Folders in the folder root list" there is no way to not view these (Family, Talk Lists, Work) folders. If you have a lot of accounts, this can make for a looooong folder list. In Entourage 2008, you can drag folders to the Favorites Bar to easily move to a folder that is out of sight in the folder list.

Setting parent folder Any subfolders you make will have the same column set-up as its parent.s

Custom View - All Inboxes

If you want to view all of your mail from several accounts in one Inbox, you can create a new Custom View that will show you all your inboxes in one view. More info on using Custom Views

Search: All Messages

Match if any criteria are met:

Folder is Inbox account A
Folder is Inbox account B

Example of Saved Search - Be sure to select All Messages in top bar.

Save as "All Inboxes". You will be able to find it under Mail Views in the folder list. You can also drag this view to the Favorites Bar (new in Entourage 2008) for easy access.

Multiple POP Accounts

By default all POP mail goes to the On My Computer Inbox. If you want each account to go to it's own Inbox you need to create a rule.

Note: if you don't want to create a Rule, you can create Smart folders that will list the content of the Inbox, depending on the account, therefore mimicking the separate inboxes.

Custom Rule: Move messages from each POP account to it's own Inbox.

Create a rule for each account. Create a folder for each account.

Outlook Rule

Outlook Smart Folder

Entourage Rule

Entourage Mail View

See Get Started Lesson: Learn to Setup Rules to manage your messages by other criteria than account. RECOMMENDED