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FAQs: Import/Export


  1. Data files without older version installed
  2. Does Upgrade Office X or 2004 need 2001 installed?
  3. Revert back to 2001
  4. Import .eml files
  5. Apple Mail, Netscape, Eudora, Yahoo
  6. Import using alias
  7. Non-English version
  8. IMAP import dates and times wrong


  1. Individual Calendar entries
  2. Individual mail messages as .eml
  3. Groups
  4. Contacts preserving categories
  5. Export vCards
  6. Export; to Eudora
  7. Export Contacts

1) Is it possible to import the data files into Entourage X without having Entourage 2001 installed?

Updating to a newer version of Entourage does not require you to have the older version installed. Entourage stores its data in the Microsoft User Data folder. You can have Identity folders for more than one version in the MUD folder. Just select the correct folder during import.

2) Do I have to install Office 2001 in order to use my upgrade Office X?

If you purchased an upgrade CD, the installation is going to ask you to browse to the folder containing the version of Office that you are upgrading from. Mount your Office 2001 CD then navigate to the Office 2001 folder on the CD when prompted to do so during the upgrade verification step of the installation process.

Note: this applies to any update.

3) I need to revert back to Entourage 2001. How do import my mail back?

See Import Basics for more info.

Note: when you upgrade to a newer version the database files are changed and the newer database cannot be read by the older version. If you need to revert to the older application you will need to export your messages in order to import them back. There is no way for an application to read something that wasn’t available when it was released.

4) How I import e-mail (.eml) files from another computer into Entourage?

Drag them into the Entourage window or double-click them to open them with Entourage. If the creator is another email application, do a Get Info on the file and change the application to Open with Microsoft Entourage.

5) How do you import from Apple Mail, Netscape, Eudora, Yahoo?

See Importing from another application.

6) I am having trouble importing my data from OE. I moved my identity folder and have an alias in its place, but the import fails.

Move the data back. You cannot use an alias.

7) I'm having trouble importing from my non-English version. It can't find my mail.

See Import Page

8) After importing mail into Entourage through IMAP, the dates and times of retrieval are completely wrong. I can still access them through the message source, but I need to fix the column dates.

You can't adjust these in Entourage without the help of a script. Download Allen Watson's scripts for this purpose: "Modify Date Received" and "Modify Date Sent".

You can also sort by Received rather than Sent.


1) How can I export individual calendar entries in Entourage X?

Just drag them to the Desktop. Note this feature was introduced in Entourage X.

2) How can I export individual mail messages as e-mail files (.eml)?

Just drag them to (a folder on) the Desktop.

3) How do I export groups?

This functionality is not built into Entourage. Use an AppleScript to achieve the task.

For Entourage 2001, direct download Group Stuff.

For Entourage X, direct download Export-Import Entourage X.

Download here

4) How can I export contacts preserving categories?

Using File -> Export Contacts won't preserve categories.

Use an AppleScript.

For Entourage 2001, direct download Export Selected Contacts

For Entourage X, use Export-Import Entourage (shareware)

Download here

5) How do I export vCards?

Select the address book entries you wish to export in the Address book window and drag to a folder on the desktop.

To attach your vCard on every email you send automatically, get script Attach vCard


Attach vCard X. Download here

6) How do you export and/or convert Entourage mail database or mail boxes to Eudora?

Option 1: Use Barry Wainwright's script 'Export Folders' available from his web site or from Macscripter.net

It gives you the option of saving the folders as Eudora mailbox files.

Option 2: Use "Folders Export from X" in Paul Berkowit's script package "Export-Import Entourage X" (shareware). For Entourage 2001 this version Export-Import Entourage. Download here

7) How do I export contacts?


Starting with Entourage 2004 you can export as an Entourage archive file (.rge). Look under File --> Export.