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FAQs: Entourage Dock Icon

  1. Launching Entourage bounces in Dock and then quits
  2. Stop Entourage icon from bouncing in Dock

1) Entourage bounces in the Dock and then stops without launching the application.

Try deleting this file: ~/Library/Preferences/com.microsoft.Entourage.plist

2) How do I to stop the Entourage icon from bouncing in the Dock?

This annoying feature has been fixed in Entourage 2004 with the SP-1 updater.

For Entourage X: You can turn off bouncing for New Mail in Entourage/General Preferences/Notifications/ Animate icon.

Add the criteria "do not notify to any rule to stop the dock icon from bouncing. See Rule #8

You can change the frequency of mail checks by changing your schedules in the Tools:Schedules window. Also, choosing Entourage:Work Offline will prevent Entourage from trying to connect to the server if you aren't connected.

The Entourage icon bounces when there's a mail error (error in downloading or connecting). When the mail server has an error, Entourage passes it on.There's no way to make Entourage stop bouncing the icon when a connection failure occurs short of a 3rd party utility like Dock Detox.

Finally, send Feedback to Microsoft. Look under Help in the menu bar.