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FAQs: Accounts

  1. Support for APOP
  2. Support for UIDL
  3. Entourage keeps asking for password
  4. Multiple accounts
  5. Fix problems sending mail using ATT accounts
  6. Limit to number of accounts in an Identity
  7. Set send account based on sender

About mail accounts....

Before you can configure Entourage or Outlook to send and receive messages, you need to know what type of mail account you have. Different types of mail accounts have different properties. If you are not sure what type of mail account you have, ask your Internet service provider (ISP) or network administrator. More Info

An Identity can handle multiple accounts. Be sure to use the Mailing List Manager and Rules to help sort your mail.

Entourage adds account type after the account name.

Outlooks shows account type after account name:

1) Does Entourage support APOP?

Yes! Entourage defaults to APOP authentication for POP accounts. If/when APOP authentication fails, it drops back to clear-text authentication. So you don't have to do anything to make use of APOP.

As far as the security concerns...be aware that APOP authentication only protects your auth credentials, not the data. If you want the entire communication protected, then you'll want to make use of SSL, which is what you started to play with in your search for APOP.

Contributed by Entourage talk list member -Remo Del Bello

2) It appears my incoming POP mail server does not support UIDL. Is there any way I can use Entourage with this server?

Yes: enable Online Access for this account. Go to Tools -> Accounts, open the account, click the Options tab, check the option to Allow Online Access, and click OK. However, because Entourage requires servers support UIDL for regular mail delivery, it won’t be possible to retrieve normally with these servers.

3) Entourage/Outlook keeps asking for my password. How do I fix this?

If you checked, "Save my Password..." in Accounts, then try the following fix:

  1. Go to the system keychain and delete the entry for that account.
    • OS X: Open Keychain to delete. Keychain is located in Applications/Utilities.
    • OS 9: System Folder>Preferences>Keychain.
  2. Select 'accounts' from the Tools menu, choose the account that was giving you trouble and click on Edit. Select the 'account settings' tab.
  3. Delete the password from the password box in the POP settings (leaving the box empty).
  4. Close the account window.
  5. Re-open the account window and enter your proper password, check the 'save in keychain' check box and close the window again.

The password should now stick.

If that doesn't work, you probably need to run Keychain First Aid. More info: Resetting your keychain in Mac OS X

4) How can I have Entourage deliver to different Inboxes for each different POP e-mail account?

You can't have more than one Inbox.

There are two options:

  1. Keep messages on the server. Go to Tools -> Accounts, open your Mail account and select ‘Allow Online Access’. This will put your mail server contents as a separate entry on the Folder List.
  2. If you want to keep messages with different Inboxes locally, you can have each of your POP accounts deliver message to an accordingly named mailbox. For example:
  • click on the Inbox in the Folder List, then go to File -> New -> Subfolder.
  • Repeat for how many Inboxes you want to have and name each folder to correspond to each account as desired.
  • Now, go to Tools -> Rules / Mail (POP). Create a new rule like the following:
    • IF Account is Account 1
    • THEN Move Message to Inbox 1
    • New Rule
    • IF Account is Account 2
    • THEN Move Message to Inbox 2
    • Etc., etc.

Suggestion: It might be less confusing to name the folder for the name of the account rather than Inbox 1 etc.

5) AT&T Worldnet Account

To fix problems sending mail using ATT accounts, use SSL Enabler (recommended by ATT).

6) Limit to number of accounts in an Identity:

Is there a limit to the number of accounts we can have under one identity?


Is there a recommended top number?



Stagger the send/receive.

Instead of having multiple accounts, use email addresses that forwards into the same mailbox. For example, Gmail can fetch up to 5 accounts.

7) Is it possible to automatically set the account used to send a particular email based on the addressee? That is, switch it from the default account to a different one based on the To: field?

This feature is not built into Entourage or Outlook.