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Most Asked Questions

Top Outlook 2011 FAQs

  1. Outlook will not reply or create new emails
  2. Does Outlook support Exchange 2003?
  3. Does Outllok import/export .pst files?
  4. Why can’t I sync my calendar events to iCal/iPhones, etc. through Sync Services?
  5. How do I switch Identities in Outlook for Mac?

Top Entourage 2008 FAQs

  1. Rules not working after import
  2. Empty Cache
  3. Conduit missing for sync
  4. Run multiple versions of Office apps at same time
  5. Fonts increasing in size with each reply
  6. Answers to general questions on updating, installing, version info
  7. Product keys on the Home and Student edition-how to reset
  8. Some fonts do not display correctly after Office 2008 is installed

Note many problems in the 12.0.0 version have been fixed in 12.1.0 (SP1) or higher. Be sure to update!

Most common mistake in installing Office 2008 is not quitting all applications before running the installer. See Dos and Don'ts for a good install

All Versions

  1. Basics
    1. Select Entourage as my default mail program
    2. How do I know what version of Entourage I have installed?
    3. How can I make sure that the latest update has been applied?
    4. Differences between Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows
    5. Differences between Outlook for Mac and Entourage
  2. Cross Platform Questions
    1. Convert Mail from Windows to Mac
    2. Import/export .csv files
    3. Import .pst files
  3. Database Questions:
    1. How do I rebuild my database (Entourage)?
    2. How do I rebuild my database (Outlook)?
    3. If I rebuild my Entourage database will I lose all my categories and links!
  4. Errors
    1. Number Errors
    2. Text Errors
    3. Install/update Errors
    4. Common Errors
    5. Exchange Errors
    6. iPhone Errors
  5. Identity Questions
    1. Location of my data (mail)
      How can you backup, if you don't know where it is?
    2. Backup
    3. Move Entourage data to a new computer
    4. Lost my identity
    5. Entourage uses a brand new identity when it starts up
    6. Error message: "This identity cannot be opened with this version of Entourage"
  6. Install Questions:
    1. Product keys on the Home and Student edition-how to reset
    2. Install Errors...cannot install or update
    3. How to install Office 2008
    4. How to update Office 2008
  7. Send & Receive
    1. How do I stop Outlook/Entourage from downloading my POP account mail over and over again?
  8. Troubleshoot:
    1. How to troubleshoot Entourage
    2. How to troubleshoot Outlook
    3. Outlook Crashes & Hangs
    4. How to solve crashes, quits and other problems
    5. Understand error messages
  9. Forward HTML messages
  10. Incoming message going to wrong folder
  11. Switch my reply/signature placement in a message
  12. Remove addresses from the Most Recently Used (AutoComplete) list
  13. Block junk mail
  14. Should Mac Users Run Antivirus Software? (article on TidBITS)
  15. Solve send & receive problems
  16. Download my Hotmail account
  17. Can I view all accounts in one Inbox?
  18. Stop automatic CAPs at beginning of line
  19. Messages are failing to display inline images (Entourage 2004 only)
  20. Create "Out of Office" reply (now included in Entourage 2008)
  21. Creating complex HTML messages