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Exchange Support

For help with Outlook for Mac Exchange visit the OfficeforMacHelp site.

MS KB: How to obtain support for Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 connectivity problems with Exchange Server

Entourage 2004 and 2008 Exchange Support

Connecting Entourage to an Exchange Server at Work

Connecting Entourage to an Exchange Server from Home

Optimize Entourage to better work with Exchange

Accessing the Global Address List from Home

Create "Out of Office" Reply (updated)

Errors involving Exchange

Microsoft KB 931350: You cannot connect to your mailbox on Exchange Server when you use Entourage for Mac

Microsoft KB 931350 Configure Entourage with Explicit OWA URL


AutoArchive Exchange Account to "On My Computer"

How to script Entourage Setup (MS Exchange 2003)

Entourage Exchange Setup 3.0 (new Feb. 2009)

Configuring Exchange Accounts

Links and Articles for additional help...


Still using Exchange Server with

OS 9... try Outlook for Mac (Classic).

Entourage X.... visit the archived pages of Exchange Support

Exchange 2004 Guide