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Exchange Support Entourage X


  1. Are you running on old version of Exchange? Exchange 5.5 or earlier WILL NOT WORK for any of the new ExUp functionality. You will need to upgrade Exchange.
    • Server-side requirements
      • Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 (with Service Pack 2) or later
      • Outlook Web Access must be installed and active
      • The following protocols must be enabled: IMAP, SMTP, HTTP DAV (Outlook Web Access), and LDAP
  2. Are you connected directly to your network (as opposed to remotely)? If so, Entourage can probably configure your account automatically for you. All you need is your user name, domain and password. In the background, Entourage is asking your DNS server for information about your setup. If your network setup is a little weird this auto-configuration process may fail and you will need to configure the account manually. This entails figuring out a few different servers. Your Exchange admin should be able to help you with these. Read on...
  3. Is IMAP running on the Exchange server (can't get mail without it). A good way to verify this is to try to set up an IMAP account in Entourage or Windows Outlook Express. What is the server name?
  4. Is SMTP running on the Exchange server or do you have access to another SMTP server? You can't send mail without it. What is the server name? (It may be the same server as the IMAP server.) Those of you who have been using Entourage to get exchange mail for a while probably know the answers to the previous 2 questions already.
  5. Is HTTPDav/OWA turned on? OWA is Outlook Web Access, which is the way that you can get to your exchange account from a web browser. It uses a particular protocol called HTTPDav (also called WebDAV) to do this. Entourage piggybacks on this functionality to do calendar and contact sync and to get Free/Busy information. If OWA isn't enabled on the server, you can't get any of the new Entourage contact and calendar functionality.

    When you connect to your Exchange account using OWA, does the URL look like this: http://yourserver/exchange/yourname? If the middle part isn't 'exchange' then Entourage won't be able to get your calendar and contacts.

  6. What is the LDAP server? This is also known as the Active Directory Global Catalog (or GC). This is used to look up people's addresses.
  7. What is the Free/Busy server? This information is actually stored on an exchange public folder server. Exchange publishes data about your calendar there so that other people can see when you are available for meeting. This server entry will take the form of my-server-name/public/ (more info about finding this server is included below). Here's a bit more info on finding your Free/Busy-server:

    1. It is possible that the Free/Busy data is on your main server, so the path would be something like "<your exchange server name>/public/"

    2. If you are running the Win Outlook 2003 beta you can control click on the Outlook icon in the system tray and select the "Connection Status..." menu. Add "/public/" to the server of type "Public Folders" to get your Free/Busy server.

    3. You can sniff the path using OWA and TCPFlow by sniffing the request that OWA sends when looking up Free/Busy information (search the log for /public/). More on downloading and using tcpflow here

Tip: If you happen to have access to a PC running an Outlook 2003 beta that is already connected to your Exchange server, you can find out all these server names by holding down the control key and then clicking on the outlook icon in the system tray and then selecting "connection status...". Just enter the server names, not the fully qualified paths (just use the stuff before the first period).

Tip: On the exchange server IIS interface. Make sure in properties of the default web site, on the Web Site tab, "HTTP keep-alives enabled" is checked. Once this is done, all Entourage clients free/busy info is updated and can schedule appointments seeing user data on exchange.


  1. Domain - You DO NOT need to add your domain before your user name as you used to in IMAP accounts in Entourage. There is now a separate field for the domain.
  2. Account ID - Can't figure out your Account ID? Here are some ideas that may help.
    1. If you used IMAP in previous version of Entourage to talk to exchange, use the same Account ID as you did in the IMAP account, but omit the domain name.
    2. Connect to OWA. Try using the "user name" that is in the URL, or the user name you use when you authenticate to OWA.
  3. SSL - It is possible you have SSL turned on for some or all of the servers listed above. If you do, you need to check the SSL checkbox for them in Entourage. There are SSL checkboxes in the various tabs of the Exchange account dialog in Entourage. Also, it is possible Entourage will report certificate problems that you weren't previously aware of. You may be able to safely ignore these.
  4. Custom Ports - It is possible but far less likely that your IT folk have switched port numbers for these protocols. If they have, you will need to track those in Entourage as well.
  5. Front-end/Back-end If your exchange environment is setup up in a front-end/back-end configuration there are different Entourage setups that should work. If the back-end servers expose IMAP and DAV, you can connect directly to them. If they don't, you can connect to the front-end server. You will probably need to turn on SSL in the Exchange account in Entourage when connecting to the front-end server.
  6. ID doesn't match mailbox - Entourage should be able to handle permutations where the user's login ID doesn't match their mailbox name, but if you have such a setup and can't get ExUp working, try getting your admin to change the ID and mailbox so that they match, if possible.
  7. Public Folders Regular IMAP accounts allowed one to subscribe or unsubscribe to public folders. The new Exchange account type does not allow for this setting.

    Public folders containing events or contacts aren't supported.

    Go into Tools/Accounts/Exchange/the account/Edit/"Click here for Advanced Receiving Options"

    Uncheck the "Check for unread messages in all folders" box.

    This won't unsubscribe them (you can't do that in ExUp), but Entourage won't be checking them for new messages all the time (nor will it be checking anything else other than your inbox, so you may need to create a schedule to check for mail in any folders that you do want to check all the time).

    There are other neat advanced preferences in there that you might want to explore.

  8. Performance The first sync may take a long time if you have a lot of mail or events or contacts. It should be faster thereafter. Also, see the note about Public Folders if your server exposes lots of them.
  9. Palm sync it isn't broken, but you need the new handheld sync installer.
  10. Updater Didn't work If you get an error in the update or one the office apps crash on launch you should back up any customized info in the office folder (e.g. Templates) and then re-install Office X and then install the 10.1.2 update and then install the 10.1.4 update.
  11. OWA for delegation and Public folders and other tasks - Delegated folders and public folders containing contacts and events can't be viewed in Entourage but they can be viewed in OWA. For delegated folders, use the other person's URL, but your credentials. For example I want to view Bob's calendar and he has given me permission in Outlook. I could point my browser to http://myexchangeserver/exchange/bob/calendar and then supply my user name and password when prompted. For public folders, click on public folders in the OWA folder list. Depending on your Exchange setup, you can also use OWA to change your password and to turn on the Out Of Office reminder (and manage other server side rules if you upgrade to Exchange 2003)

    "OWA URLs are actually based on the SMTP address of the user. The SMTP address used for the default /exchange directory must the Default Recipient Policy's primary SMTP address domain. See the following for details:




  12. SPACE not found - If you get an IMAP error saying something like Expected SPACE not found then make sure none of your folder names have odd characters in them (such as a back slash or a quote mark).
  13. Crash viewing HTML mail - If Entourage crashes when viewing HTML, you may have corrupt preferences. Quit all apps, delete com.apple.internetconfig.plist. If that doesn't work, delete com.microsoft.explorer.plist.
  14. TCPFlow it can be your friend, don't be afraid of the terminal. Getting a trace that starts just before you have set up the account in Entourage may help figuring out what is going wrong, if you are having problems. More on downloading and using tcpflow here
  15. IMAP server and DAV server aren't the same - If you are positive that there is no server you can connect to that supports both DAV and IMAP, you will have to run a little script to get Entourage to use two different servers. Warning, don't try this unless you've tried everything else, and understand a little bit about exchange and about Applescript.

    First, set up your account with the DAV server entered as the exchange server.

    Then launch Script Editor (from applications/utilities) and create a script that looks like this

    tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
    set the IMAP server of IMAP account 1 to "<insert your IMAP server here>"
    end tell

    For example: if your IMAP server was john.imap.server, the middle line would become:

    set the IMAP server of IMAP account 1 to "john.imap.server"

    You will need to save this as a compiled script and create an Entourage schedule to run this script on launch.

  16. LDAP doesn't accept authentication - If you are positive you are connecting to the right LDAP server and it isn't working in Entourage, it is possible your server doesn't require authentication and won't accept a connection if you try to authenticate to it. You can get Entourage to not send authentication information to the LDAP server by running an Applescript that says:

    tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
    set requires authentication of LDAP server 1
    to false
    end tell
  17. Free/Busy over SSL - If the public folder server you are pointing to for Free/Busy queries requires SSL, Entourage won't be able to query it securely, so you won't be able to get Free/Busy information. Calendar and Contact sync should still work. See User tips below.
  18. Help - Read the help! It has been updated with Exchange-specific topics.
  19. Invisible unread messages - The keyboard shortcut, option-command-L will cause the message list to do a "special refresh", and should cause invisible unread messages to appear.


  • Delete your Exchange account in Entourage (start from scratch).
  • Turn on TCPflow, recreate your exchange account in Entourage, and close the account dialog. See Guide 7C above for details on using TCPflow. In the TCPflow log, you will see a few things going on:
    • Entourage tries to use a DAV request to find your contacts and calendar folder names so that it can hide them in the folder list ( the folder names can be localized into dozens of languages).
    • Entourage requests information about all your contacts and calendar events so that it can compare them to the Entourage ones and start a sync.
    • Entourage gets all your IMAP folders and gets your inbox mail.
  • The usual causes are wrong server, wrong ID, wrong domain, wrong password or wrong SSL setting.
  • Trouble with the first sync taking forever? Try setting Entourage to only sync items in a particular category rather than everything.
  • Check your holidays. It's possible you have multiple entries for the same holiday.
  • If you happen to have access to a PC running an Outlook 2003 beta that is already connected to your Exchange server, you can find out all these server names by holding down the control key and then clicking on the outlook icon in the system tray and then selecting "connection status...". Just enter the server names, not the fully qualified paths (just use the stuff before the first period).
  • On the exchange server IIS interface. Make sure in properties of the default web site, on the Web Site tab, "HTTP keep-alives enabled" is checked. Once this is done, all Entourage clients free/busy info is updated and can schedule appointments seeing user data on exchange.


1) Are Public Folders supported?

No, the Entourage Exchange Update doesn't support viewing contact or calendar public folders in any particularly useful way. Yes, the MacBU does know that this is important to Exchange users. Expect future updates to correct this.

Entourage is accessing Public Folders using IMAP, which does not support Calendar and Contact data.

There's a help file doc with a good summary of what this new client does and doesn't do. It's titled "What's synchronized with the Exchange server"

Public folders

Public folders Public folders of all types (messages, contacts, and Calendar items) stored on the Exchange server are not synchronized with Entourage. You may be able to view and use public folders containing messages if your Exchange account administrator has configured the Exchange server to display these using IMAP. For more information, see your Exchange account administrator.

How does one post to a Public Folder using Entourage?

You can't unless they are set up to be accessible via NNTP.

2) Is it possible to manage the public folders like this?

Make a complex HTML-Message that connects to the public folder in Outlook-Web-Access. You view the content of Public-Calendar(Folder) in the preview-frame of my Entourage. But all buttons (links) are not active. (If sombody only needs to view only the "today" calendar, that works!)

No. For security reasons, Entourage doesn't allow any active content (e.g. JavaScript) to execute in HTML messages.

3) Any tips on finding the right servers?

If you happen to have access to a PC running an Outlook 2003 beta that is already connected to your server, you can find out all these server names by control clicking on the outlook icon in the system tray and then selecting "connection status...". Just enter the server name, not the fully qualified path (just use the stuff before the first period).

Users comments:

I couldn't see anyone's Free/Busy data until I added /public/ to the end of the Free/Busy server address. Then it worked like a charm so long as the people I had invited were users from the Exchange Server. You'll note that they have a special icon when they are an Exchange user - they have a small wire coming out the right hand side of the blue man icon.

I knew Free/Busy data is stored in a hidden public folder and I should probably point to one of our PF servers, but wasn't real clear. After trial and error (the tip about Outlook 2003 beta connection status was the final key), I started trying variations. Finally, this worked for Free/Busy server: <public-folder-servername>/public i.e.: myorg-pf01/public I did not need a trailing '/' as indicated in another thread.

NOTE: We have two administrative groups in our Exchange org and one is associated with PF server myorg-pf01 and the other with myorg-pf02. You MUST use the public folder server associated with your mailbox store. This may be something you have to find out from your Exchange Administrator(s).

If your OWA service requires SSL (and it should), then you need to check the box for "DAV service requires secure connection (SSL)"

Once I had this, I could schedule meeting requests, invite others and see their Free/Busy time. I also accepted meeting requests from others.

We use HTTPS for exchange OWA access as do most people, however this (in its default configuration) was stopping the free/busy information from being retrieved with an error 1403 (scheduling data could not be found etc.)

What I have done to get this to work is to disable secure access for the /public tree in the IIS (internet information services) MMS panel on Windows server 2000. This still allows secure access for all the important stuff (mailboxes and exchange admin) but simply removes it on the unimportant stuff (public folder access - which by its name doesn't really require it - after all, there's no login information passed).

Get the sysadmin to open up the Internet Information Services MMC snap-in. Navigate to the server instance for the Outlook Web Access web server. Right click on the 'public' folder and open the Directory security tab. Click 'Edit' on the 'Secure Communication' section. Clear the 'require 128 bit encryption' box (if checked) and clear the 'Require secure channel (SSL)' check box. If the latter is not checked but the 128 bit box is you HAVE to check the SSL box to uncheck the 128 bit box then uncheck the SSL box. It is critical that both boxes are clear.

OK out of the dialogs and you should find it starts working. It did for me after weeks of head scratching.

Remember that if you require SSL for the other sections of OWA you must have the DAV requires SSL check box checked in the Entourage exchange 'advanced' settings. This does NOT prevent the free/busy or LDAP functionality from working.

FYI... I am using the free/busy address <fully qualified server address>/public format.

I hope this helps someone, it certainly appears to be fully working for me (LDAP, address book, calendar and free/busy) ... cool!

4) Can I open my .pst file from Windows Outlook in Entourage X as I can in Outllook for Mac 9.X?

Entourage can't open .pst files. The updated Entourage help describes a work-around for importing from Outlook by moving data back from the .pst to the server and then downloading it in Entourage.

5) LDAP returns error in Exchange, but no error as Directory service...

I set up a directory service and also in my Exchange account setting in Directory tab I set up the same server for LDAP. Then I go to Tools> Directory Service and I see both of them there (the exchange one and the other standalone one). Search in stand alone returns results. Search in the exchange one returns error " The directory service denied access. Verify the authentication settings for this directory service."

My settings for Authentication and port setting are all set the same here.

Also in Apple AddressBook I setup the same server as LDAP and have no problem getting results.

LDAP doesn't accept authentication - If you are positive you are connecting to the right LDAP server and it isn't working in Entourage, it is possible your server doesn't require authentication and won't accept a connection if you try to authenticate to it. See Guide tip #16 above.

How do I access the Global Address Book on my Exchange server unless my IT department installs LDAP services on it?

Exchange 2000 depends on Active Directory being installed and on being able to communicate to the Active Directory using LDAP.

6) I am running Mac OS 10.2.6 and recently downloaded the update for Entourage to connect to an Exchange Server. I am not having a problem connecting to the server, but removing the mail from the server. I want to mail to remain on my machine local, not on the server. Does anyone know how to do this?

Create an IMAP rule for <All messages> that would copy the message locally and then delete it off the server.

To apply it to existing messages, select them all and go to Message menu/Apply Rules/Apply that rule.

If you check the Enabled box, it will run on new messages as they come in. Make sure that you have this rule near the top of the IMAP Rules list such that there is no rule higher than it which has the "Do not apply further rules" box checked.

7) Some Exchange Server folders appear when accessing through Outlook or OWA, but not through Entourage.

This could be due to illegal characters in the filename. Please see this Microsoft Knowledge Base article http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=824880 for more details.

User comments:

I have many users that use two or three machines, a Mac and a PC or two... Anywho when it comes to Entourage they were not getting all of their folders, they created the folders on their PC's and they were shaking their heads at the fact that they were not seeing them... They complained and I came to their aid with a quick CONTROL-CLICK on their account name and selecting "Receive Complete Folder List"... This downloads their full folder list... As well as refreshes the names of any public folders that we have gotten the ""'s moved from.

8) Is there a way to use Entourage X to connect to an exchange server that only uses the exchange interface

If you mean MAPI, the answer is no. Entourage is "fully-connectable to exchange server", your server just needs to have DAV and IMAP turned on.

Does anyone know if MS has a plan to get entourage fully-connectable to exchange server?

It's highly doubtful that Microsoft will ever support MAPI in Entourage.

9) I cannot send emails to external addresses (mails within my company are fine). The error I get is:

"A message in your Outbox could not be sent using account "Mano-Exchange Account." The server did not recognise the recipients or the server refuses to allow you to send mail.

Explanation 5.7.1 Unable to relay for <outgoing address>

Error 5550"

Possible solutions:

This might be caused by a folder name in your Exchange account having a character that Entourage isn't handling well. For example, a / or ". Check your folder names, get rid of these characters, and try again.

You may need to turn on authentication for your SMTP server.

Your network guy needs to allow relaying on their SMTP server. Are you trying to send e-mail from an address other than your work e-mail address ??? Some net admin forbid sending e-mails if the e-mail address you use is not one of "theirs"...

(10) I have everything working in my Entourage- Scheduling, Directory Services, Mail. Its just everything crawls now! There is a significant delay in typing, switching from calendar to mail or looking at schedules.

You might want to either:

  1. Let Entourage run overnight and finish the initial sync of all your data.
  2. Turn off the "automatically sync all folders" option in the account dialog, especially if your company has a lot of mail in public folders.

(11) Will Entourage X work with Exchange 5.5 - even just a little bit would help so that email will work. Not interested in calenders etc. Any tricks I need to know to facilitate this?

Mail will work in an Entourage IMAP account if you have IMAP enabled on the Exchange 5.5 server.

(12) Mail works fine but I cannot get contacts or calendar to synch. It worked the very first time and then no more.

There is no known problem in Entourage that would cause sync to succeed once and then subsequently fail.

Calendar and Contact sync is completely unrelated to Free/Busy searches. Free/Busy searches are sent to the Free/Busy server in the Advanced tab of the account in Entourage, whereas Calendar and Contact sync work through the Exchange server listed in the Account Settings tab.

I imagine you've already tried it, but just in case: it sounds like your server requires SSL to connect, so make sure you have SSL in the directory tab and in the advanced tab.

(13) I have no problem seeing my contacts and calendar entries that are on the Exchange server, but they still appear as e-mail-like entries in Entourage X. I have confirmed that WebDAV is on, and I am pretty positive that I have successfully connected to the free/busy server. I've tried every combination of SSL on/off.

Entourage uses HttpDAV requests to find out the name of your calendar and contact folders so that it can hide them from the folder list (it isn't as trivial as it may sound, because there are lots of possible localizations of the names). Entourage then uses HttpDAV to sync your contacts and calendar

The is something in your setup that is stopping the DAV connections from working. I don't have enough information about your setup to know exactly what you need to tweak to get it working, but there are a few possible culprits:

  1. You are connecting to a server that supports IMAP but not DAV
  2. You have entered an invalid account ID or e-mail address
  3. You need SSL turned on, or are using a custom port
  4. Your web proxy is interfering with the requests (see user tip below).

Another possibility is that you are using a virtual folder for OWA, for example:


instead of


In this case Entourage won't be able to find your calendar and contact data.

User Comments:

I noticed a number of questions about Entourage connecting to Exchange and display Contacts/Calendars as Inbox subfolders, but not actually synchronizing them with Entourage. Reading the FAQ gave me an idea, and I found my problem.

In an Active Directory domain, users don't have to use the "domain\username" fully-qualified name format. Instead, you can use user@domain. In our company, everyone does. So when I set up my Entourage account, I entered xxx@braincore.net for the username and left the domain name blank.

However, that means Entourage was trying to access WebDAV at http://www.braincore.net/exchange/xxx@braincore.net, which won't work. It was able to get through on IMAP just fine, because the credentials are legit; it's just playing games with that information ton construct the URL, and so the WebDAV bit failed.

Entering JUST my username, and then the domain separately, didn't work either. But doing that and resetting synchronization fixed it.

User Tip: Proxie Settings:

I finally figured why Entourage X wouldn't talk to our new exchange server. It wasn't getting through our proxies (as I discovered when I turned them off). Solution: tell Network Prefs to ignore proxies for all machines within my domain (which I thought I'd already done, but hadn't).

(14) My office is using a pure Microsoft Exchange Server where there is no POP or SMTP account for all our email. So right now I can only recieve my mails on Entourage but not being able to send it out. Is there anyway to setup with the current version of Entourage where an SMTP account is not required?

Unfortunately not, you can't send Exchange mail in Entourage unless you have access to an SMTP server.

(15) I have successfully configured Entourage (w/the updates) to work with my existing Exchange 2000 Server. Everything appears to work seamlessly with the exception of the Global Address List. When I compose an email in Entourage and click on the "To:" it defaults to the personal address book. Is there a setting in Entourage that I'm just not seeing here?

First, you have to point Entourage to the LDAP server in the directory tab of the account settings window (you can use the IP or the name if you have DNS set up correctly)

Second, Entourage won't let you "browse" through the GAL, it will only allow a query. To query the GAL, open entourage, select Tools\directory services. In the folder view verify that your exchange acct name is selected then enter a name in the search field and click find. If you search for "Richard" it will give you all of the "Richards" in the GAL and you can select the appropriate person from there.

(16) The Entourage mail help says "The Exchange Global Address List contains all user and distribution list e-mail addresses in your organization. When you address a message, Entourage automatically searches the Global Address List for the correct e-mail address. You can also search the Global Address List without creating an e-mail message."

This implies that it should automatically be searching the global address list for the correct address. So is this something that has to be set up additionally, even after the initial Exchange account is set up?

As long as you have the correct settings in the Directory tab of the Exchange account, and as long as the Exchange account is the default account on the directory service tab, then you can use the "Check Names" button when addressing a message to look up entries in the GAL.

(17) This is an IMAP account, so why are the items not in the "Deleted Items" Folder, or why is the function mistitled, and can I get the messages back in any way?

Where messages go after they are deleted is dependent upon your account settings. Check the Advanced tab in the IMAP account dialog.

(18) To tell LDAP not to use authentication. I've had to re-execute this script several times to keep the LDAP lookups working. I'm not very knowledgeable about Applescripts so I was wondering what I need to do to not have to re-execute this script manually? Keyword: LDAP/Directory Services Functionality.

Create a new schedule (Tools:Schedules) that executes at Startup and runs the script.

(19) Is there a conduit or way to change the sync of Palm and Entourage identity folder to make the palm sync with the calendar, address book, tasks, etc.. of the exchange account?

Entourage syncs with Exchange, and Entourage also syncs with Palm, so yes using Entourage as an intermediary you can sync your Exchange data with the Palm. However, it will only sync calendar and address book. Mail is not synced with the Palm, and Tasks and Notes are not synced with Exchange.

(20) Has anyone figured out if Entourage can access an Exchange calendar that has been shared out? Basically I have an end user who wants to view a resource account that he has read permissions to through Entourage. We've been playing with the program but can't find anyway to "Open other user's folder" like you can in Outlook. Thanks!

You can't do this in Entourage X. Sorry.

(21) Can I book rooms in Entourage?

Entourage can't automatically book a room (Mac Outlook and OWA can't either, but Windows Outlook can).

A potential workaround depending on your setup is to have a real person who can accept for the room (using win Outlook).

(22) After I worked with Entourage for a few minutes, however, a painful realization set in: it's incredibly slow. Pretty much every operation I tried resulted in an extended view of the spinning beach ball cursor, usually for 20 seconds or longer (sometimes for minutes at a time). Any ideas?

The 1st sync may slow things down quite a bit especially over a slow connection, and the first sync can take a long while if you have lots of mail, contacts or events. After that things should speed up considerably.

If you have a lot of public folders exposed on the server that might be slowing things down. You can turn off automatic checking for new mail in the advanced receiving options popup in the mail tab of your exchange account in Entourage by un-checking "check for unread messages in all folders".

Note: Exchange syncs are not visible in the status bar or progress window.

(23) Is there another setting I am missing to get the Tasks to work?

Tasks don't sync with this version of Entourage.

(24) There is no colored text? How do you enable color formatting?

In Entourage's Format menu, make sure HTML is checked. Then you can color your mail as you wish, and apply other formatting.

To see formatting from other users, they need to send you mail in HTML (internet standard format) and *not* Outlook Rich Text (proprietary format that Entourage doesn't understand). Ask people using Outlook to go to Options in the Tools menu, click the Mail Format tab, and change the message format to HTML.

(25) Is Entourage a true Exchange client?

No! If you want a morerobust Exchange experience, there are several other options listed here:


(26) What's the best way to allow 2 Entourage X users to share a single Calendar without sharing email?

If you have freedom to create user accounts on the server you could set up a 3rd account and give the password to both users who can then configure both accounts in Entourage (their personal one and the shared one). Kind of a hack, but it shoul work in your limited scenario.

The alternative is to use Outlook Web Access to view delegated accounts (If permissions are set correctly then Bob can view Steve's calendar if he points his browser to http://yourserver/exchange/Steve/Calendar and gives the user name and password for Bob)

(27) I have a mixed environment. After updating to 10.1.4 and installed the Palm-sync patch.

I receive the following error....

"An error occurred on the IMAP server."

"A connection failure has occurred."

"Error: -23012"

It could be either something miss-configured on the client end or on the server end for the users.

On the server end you can try comparing the settings of a good user and a bad user in Active Directory (you can bring up the account dialogs for both, and compare the items in all 15 tabs...)

On the client side you can do the same in Entourage. It might also be worth looking in the System network preferences to make sure nothing is different there.

You can also create new identities in Entourage on the various machines which will allow you to try to configure one of the failing users on a machine that was working, and the other way around too. That may help figure out if it is a client side or server side problem.

(28) Exchange server and smtp problem:

User comments:

Previously, in the smtp field I had the name of the exchange server (exchange_srv1) - same as the imap server. Apparently, they're not using exchange for smtp (even though they say they are) because when I put the fqdn in the smtp field (domain.forest.com) I was able to send mail anywhere. I don't exactly understand what went awry in Exchange Server, but at least I have the client configured and working now.

(29) I want to save important e-mail (received,sended) in a folder that is accessible for a few collegue's without starting their e-mail client. Is there a way to share mail by placing it into a shared folder on a file server? I'am looking for a solution where the person self decides which message is to be shared.

Sure, just drag the message you want to share to the desktop, and then drag that file onto the file server.

(30) I want to setup an exchange server at my office. I have a few field staff with iBooks with OS X. Is there any way for them to use Entourage to connect to a remote exchange server? Can I use MAPI, or connect them with a VPN?

If you expose IMAP, DAV, and LDAP on your server to the internet, your users can connect directly to your server even when they are remote. If you have a VPN solution then you wouldn't need to expose IMAP, DAV and LDAP to the internet. Entourage does not support MAPI.

(31) Setting Calendar Time...The problem is that I don´t have that time zone as an option. I can only choose from the following (all US/Canada): Pacific ; Mountain ; Central

Entourage actually gets it timezone info from a timezones file in the Office folder. If you open it with a text editor you should see a long list of time zone descriptions. It sounds like your file may somehow have been truncated. You can try finding the file in your original install CD and copying it over your truncated one.

Can you have a look in your "HD/usr/share/zoneinfo" folder? You should have a lot of folders in there, one of them named "Europe" should contain a "Stockholm" file that should suit you. It seems that this(ese) file(s) must have got lost or corrupted. I think you can copy them from another computer running the same OSX version.

(32) Still can't get calendar and addressbook-syncing work. Managed the free/busy-server to work. I just read at the helppage:

When you connect to your Exchange account using OWA, does the URL look like this: http://yourserver/exchange/yourname? If the middle part isn't 'exchange' then Entourage won't be able to get your calendar and contacts.

My path is http://myserver/exchangexxx/myname, because we have several stores on the Exchange-cluster, so this might be the problem.

Somebody can confirm this, and is there a possability to get this solved?

Yes, That is the source of your problem. You will not be able to synchronize your exchange events and contacts to Entourage.

(33) User Tip: Using Postfix as an alternative to Exchange SMTP servers to send mail.

Some of us have had some issues with their Exchange SMTP servers (refusing to send e-mail for alternate addresses or simply refusing to send any mail at all). MacOS X 10.3 now has Postfix preinstalled which can turn your Mac into an SMTP server.

If the port 25 is open on your network (which is often the case), you can turn your own Mac into your SMTP server very easily in MacOS X 10.3 (it is far more complex in 10.2.8 which uses Sendmail by default instead of Postfix).

You have two options to enable Postfix. You can use a shareware like "Postfix enabler", or you can do it yourself (not that hard but Postfix Enabler sets up a few more options for you... and it has a GUI).

If you decide to do it manually, you can use your favorite editor (I use BBEdit) or do it through pico, vi, vimm......) with administrator privileges (sudo through the Terminal). I'd suggest that you backup the files before you decide to do anything nasty:

sudo cp /etc/hostconfig /etc/hostconfig.old/
sudo cp /etc/postfix/master.cf 

In /etc/hostconfig, with the text editor, replace MAILSERVER=-AUTOMATIC- with MAILSERVER=-YES-

In /etc/postfix/master.cf at line 77, you need to de-comment "smtp". Replace: # smtp with smtp

in the Terminal, then enter:

sudo postfix start

Authenticate AND THAT'S IT !!!!! You're done The address of your own personal SMTP is now "localhost" (without the quotes of course).

Extra configuration can be perform editing the /etc/postfix/main.cf This file is fairly straightforward. The default settings are rather safe: They even disable any relaying from other machines..... You shouldn't turn your Mac into a relay for spammers. After a modification in the configuration file, simply enter in the Terminal:

sudo postfixt restart

This saved my life (well my e-mails) here since our Exchange server won't send e-mails unless the From address corresponds to its user list, preventing me to send anything from my numerous alternate addresses...

PS: I should add "use at your own risk" I can just tell you than I've been using Postfix for a while now and it has been smoother than ever. No problem on my Mac whatsoever.

(34) I have an exchange 2000 Server with relaying disable to avoid spamming. Now I have OS X Panther on my Client Computers with Entourage. I set up Entourage the proper way under exchange but when we send emails outside our domains the messgaes never get sent because I get error: 5.7.1 unable to relay messgae to XXXXX.com Does Entourage have to relay or can i change that setting somewhere.

User comment: In my case, the error was on the server side. The account has not been correctly configured with the full email address of the user. In a working account I could go into Outlook for Mac and view the properties of the account. The email address was properly configured as username@somecompany.com. The account that wasn't working only showed username.

The Exchange server was rejecting this person's mail because it didn't recognize the user as being a part of somecompany.com.

(35) I have got the mail and calendar to function , but I am still having troubles with the Tasks. I can view it as a list under the folder Tasks, yet when I click the Entourage Tasks, none of my Exchange tasks show up on it.

Tasks don't sync with this version of Entourage.

(36) User tip for Windows Small Business Server 2003:

We've just installed Windows Small Business Server 2003 and I've learned a few things that may come in handy to other Entourage users in a Server 2003 environment.

  1. To use the online web access email, etc. you need to enter the following in your browser:
  • http://servername/exchange/your user id
  • Our tech guys didn't know that Mac users needed to add the "your user i.d." section because I don't think Windows users need to do it.
  • By adding the "your user id" you can then send emails from web access whereas before, I could only read them.
  • To access calendar and contacts from the server make sure you do the following:
  • In tools>accounts>email account>advanced you'll need to enter the server like this 192.168.X.X/public/ be sure to add the /public/ with back slashes in front and back to access calendar sharing, etc.