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Not enough memory

Not enough memory

Unfortunately, the "not enough memory" error message has been known to occur when the issue has nothing whatsoever to do with memory. i.e. it's a faulty description on a generic error that can be triggered by all sorts of things.

If the problem occurs when trying to receive mail, it could be a bad message trying to download. Log into your email account using your web browser and move all mail out of the Inbox to begin testing for the bad message. Usually it's one of the oldest messages. Move a few messages at a time to the Inbox and try downloading. Eventually you'll find the culprit.

This could be a font problem.

If you use Suitcase to manage your fonts, and you deactivate one of the fonts that is required to display the current message you could receive this error.

As Entourage and the other Microsoft apps have a nonstandard way of handling fonts, they don't respond well to a removal while the app is running.

Microsoft has a set of required fonts to keep in mind. It may be that one of them is missing or has been deactivated by font management software.

See this post for more help.

Physical RAM:

Apple now recommends at least 512MB of memory for Leopard. 1 GB of memory will not cover having multiple applications open and especially those like Adobe and Microsoft that have high memory requirements. In general most users will say 2GB is the minimum. Upgrading your computer with more memory is probably one of the best presents you can give yourself.

After checking your memory:

  • check your database for corruption. Does that fix it?
  • Check cache files: You may need to run a utility (Yasu, MacJanitor, Cache Cleaner) to clean up and out the logs, caches, etc. by the cron scripts (normally run by OS X during the night).
  • This issue can also be caused by bad font caches for Entourage/Office. Take a look at an app called FontNuke (freeware) for resetting all your Font Caches. If you are using Quark at the same time and activating/deactivating fonts that could be source of your problem.
  • User reports: the "Not Enough Memory" error message can be easily triggered by using a font management program such as Suitcase to remove a font that Entourage needs to display a message.
  • One user reports: When I try to Edit an Account after Entourage has checked mail, I get the Not Enough Memory error. If I relaunch Entourage, and Work Offline, I can Edit Accounts to my heart's content; once I allow Entourage to check messages, I get the Not Enough Memory message when trying to perform that function.

If it so happens that memory does in fact play any part in this, then rebooting your computer and launching only Entourage without other apps running might avoid the problem. OS X is a virtual memory operating system (behind the scenes it is Unix). Consequently, the memory available to a program is virtually unlimited. Physical memory is "extended" by swapping memory out to disk. Therefore, free disk space becomes very important. How much space is free on your startup disk? However much is free is basically your limit on how much virtual memory you have. So If you only only have 1GB free, you only have 1GB available in addition to the amount of physical memory you have.

The advantage of more physical memory is physical memory is very fast compared to using the disk as virtual memory. Disk reads and writes are relatively very slow so having more physical speed things up by reducing the virtual memory disk accessed.