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Entourage Fails to Launch
Entourage Crashes at Startup

  • A common cause of applications not starting are corrupt fonts.
    • Helvetica Fractions in particular is known to cause problems, as is Times Phonetic. Don't just disable these fonts in Font Book, but physically remove them from your system and try your applications again.
  • Entourage 2008 fails to start after updating to SP1. It crashes immediately.
    • Solution: Move the Microsoft User Data folder to the desktop. Re-install Office 2008 from DVD. Run the SP1 upgrade. Move MUD folder back.
  • Entourage crashes at startup:
    1. Check for duplicate daemons. You should have only one Microsoft Database daemon in your "Startup items". If you have more than one, delete all and let Entourage create a new one when it launches.
    2. Disable Schedules. Try holding down the shift key during launch to prevent startup schedules from firing. Also, disconnect any networks you have to make sure Entourage isn't trying to get out to the network. Next check for a bad message.
  • Office applications crash at launch
    • Remove or rename ~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/Word Settings (10). Some users have also had to remove the Word Settings (9) and (8) files.
  • Also see: Multiple applications quit unexpectedly or fail to launch
  • See Launching Entourage bounces in Dock and then quits
  • Intel-based Mac: Microsoft Office doesn't launch If you install Motion 2.1, part of Final Cut Studio 5.1, or other applications that use "split segment" non-system libraries on an Intel-based Mac, then Microsoft Office applications may fail to launch. Read the Apple KB for how to fix.