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Error: Could not open that feature

“Could not open that feature” usually means means that the database daemon has crashed or been quit.

Options to fix:

1) Open Activity Monitor, select all processes: type in daemon. You will see the Microsoft Database daemon and the Microsoft AU daemon (this launches the auto updater.) Quit the Microsoft Database daemon(s). You might need to Force Quit.

2) Open System Preferences --> Accounts --> Startup Items. Delete all if more than one Microsoft Database daemon.

3) Open /Users/Library/Preferences. Delete the com.microsoft.OfficeNotifications.plist


Entourage creates a Microsoft Database daemon when you turn on Reminders/Notifications.

The Microsoft Database Daemon allows the Reminder to work even if all MS applications are closed. The daemon is actually used all the time to access the Database. Even Word uses it. This is why you need to Quit Notifications and/or the Microsoft Database daemon when you install MS updates. It could also interfere with backup applications like Time Machine.

If you have Office Notifications/Reminders enabled you will see the Microsoft Database daemon in your startup items. You should only have one.

System Preferences --> Accounts --> Startup Items

If you have more than one, delete them all and let one of the Office applications create a new one. Multiple daemons in startup can cause crashes.

Note: Switching back and forth between Entourage 2004 and Entourage 2008 for example, creates multiple daemons. You should quit Notifications and/or the daemon before launching another version.

Starting with Entourage 2004, the daemon is also used to run the option in the the Database Utility to "Verify Automatically in Background". If the daemon is turned off, "Verify Automatically in Background" will not take place.

Spotlight will index any cache files the Entourage daemon has created even if the daemon is not launched, but no new cache files will be created until the daemon is launched again. If the Microsoft Sync daemon never launches, there's no way for Entourage to sync data with Sync Services.

Even more info on the Microsoft Database daemon including handy script for quitting:

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