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Before Installing: Quit all applications that are running because they might interfere with installation. Easy way: Log out. When you log in, hold down the Shift key to disable all startup items including the hidden ones.

Some users have found the need to apply the Apple combo updater to fix problems after MS updates as well as Apple updates.

Updates do not include an uninstall feature. To restore your application to its original state, delete it from your hard disk, reinstall Office from your original installation disk, and then install ALL updates.

Tip: Archive (zip) your Office folder prior to updating so you can easily revert to the archive copy if needed.

After updating, restart your computer!

Read the OfficeforMacHelp.com Blogfor the latest news.

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

  • Original DVDs of Office come with installed version 14.0.0
    • Install 14.1.0 (SP1) April 12, 2011 This updater includes previous updaters.
    • Update 14.1.2 June 14, 2011 Size: 109 MB. This updater requires 14.1.0 to be installed.

How to update using Microsoft AutoUpdate or Microsoft downloads.

How to re-install Office 2011

Install/update FAQs

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

  • Original DVDs of Office come with the installed version 12.0.0.
    • Install 12.1.0 SP1 This is a major update that includes almost 50 improvements to Entourage. This is a combo updater.
    • Install 12.3.0 Requires Microsoft Office 2008 Mac Service Pack 1 (12.1.0) be installed. (this will update Entourage EWS to v 13.1.0 only if EWS is already installed)
  • Newer shipping DVDs will install 12.1.0 (SP1) or 12.2.0 (SP2)
  • Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition (this is a free update)
    • requires
      • 12.2.1 or later to be installed before updating to EWS.
      • Microsoft Exchange Server: Connectivity to Update Rollup 4 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (KB952580) or later version. More info
    • Download EWS installer 13.1.0 available if you need to update v12 to v13.
    • If you are using Exchange 2003, use Entourage 2008 v12.

Read the OfficeforMacHelp Blog before installing for tips.

Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac

Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.6.0 Update released Aug 10, 2010. 59.2 MB. This is a combo updater and contains all previous updates!

11.6.1 update was released but caused problems opening Excel files. You'll need to install 11.6.1 then immediately update to 11.6.2, 11.6.3 and 11.6.4. Downloads

More info

Open XML File Format Converter for Mac 1.2.0 released 06/14/2011

Open XML Converter allows you to convert Open XML files in Office 2004 for Mac and Office v. X for Mac. If you have Office 2008 you do not need this file.

Microsoft Office X for Mac

Microsoft Office v. X for Mac 10.1.9 Update release date 1/5/2007 (This update includes all of the improvements released in all previous Office v. X updates.)

Note: Entourage X is version 10.1.6 for it's final update. Not all Microsoft applications are updated each time. The Microsoft Component Plugin is the true test to check to see if you are fully updated.

/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Microsoft Component Plugin"

Office for Mac X is end of life. No further updates will be issued.

Microsoft Office 2001

Microsoft Office 2001 for Mac Security Update (9.0.6) download size: 18.8 MB - 25.5 MB release date 7/20/2005 (requires that 9.0.5 be installed)

Microsoft Office 2001 for Mac Security Update (9.0.5) download size: 26.9 MB - 36.6 MB release date 10/12/2004 - this appears to be a combo updater. (requires that Aladdin Systems StuffIt Expander version 5.5 or later is installed on your computer)

Office 2001 is end of life. No further updates will be issued.

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