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one computer to another

Because Entourage stores the info in a database you cannot sync one database with another without rewriting the entire database. What you choose to do, depends on how often you feel the need to update.

Even though Outlook does not store your data in the database, the same issues apply when syncing from one computer to another.

See FAQs for Sync Services here

Options to Sync:

  1. Copy entire Identity folder from one computer to another.
  2. Use an IMAP account ...best option
  3. Mail received only
  4. Sent Mail
  5. Sync across multiple desktops Entourage only
  6. Use an external drive for Microsoft User Data folder
  7. Third Party Options
  8. Use Sync Services, iCal, Address Book and .mac

Also see:

Address Book

  1. Synchronize contacts across multiple desktops

Mobile Phones:

  1. Sync with Mobile phone

1) Duplicating the Identity folder and replacing it on the other computers only works if you have a primary computer. This method breaks down if you are constantly switching computers.

2) I suggest getting an IMAP account. Simply put, a POP account downloads all new mail from the server to the user's computer. In an IMAP account, everything is kept on the server. This is especially useful if you use several computers and/or travel. Your local ISP might not offer IMAP so you might have to shop around. Two popular optons are Gmail and FastMail

3) To keep incoming messages synced, you can select to leave mail on server so all incoming mail can be downloaded to each computer. The problem with this is it doesn't take into consideration what you do with that message.

4) You can BCC yourself on all sent mail.

5) Synchronize across multiple desktops. You can do this with a shared project in Entourage 2004 or higher. Previous versions don't have this ability.

6) Use an external drive for Microsoft User Data folder with alias in Documents folder.

Not tested for Outlook, but it should work.

One user explains how they use this method:

I keep my Microsoft User Data folder on an external pocket firewire drive (a large capacity USB thumb-drive will suffice if both machines have USB 2.0) and just keep aliases to it in my Documents folder of all the machines I use Entourage on (laptop, desktop and occasionally other machines I sit down in front of for a few hours). Works like a charm and gives me an identical environment on every machine.

You must quit the Microsoft Database daemon in order to eject the drive.

7) Third Party Options for contacts:

Plaxo Toolbar for Mac (free and pro options) Supports Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac 2011 & Entourage 2004-2008

Scrubly SupportsEntourage, Outlook, Mail, Gmail, Google Apps

8) Use Sync Services, iCal, Address Book and MobileMeto keep your data synced.

*MobileMe will be switching to CalDAV 5th of May this year. At this time neither Entourage or Outlook supports CalDAV.

**Outlook does not support calendar sync at this time except for Exchange accounts. We expect to see it added in SP1 14.1.0 due out soon.

  1. Get a MobileMe account
  2. Select sync with iCal and Address Book using Sync Services**
  3. “share” and/or “publish” your calendar, contacts (and bookmarks) using System Preferences for .MobileMe.

Now you can access and change calendar and contact info from your MacBook (or any computer, if you "share"), and Entourage will be kept in sync.

User reports: I find this works most of the time; I use it to keep calendar, address books and bookmarks in sync across ten Macs and to check from any computer anywhere. Once in a while the information won't update properly from iCal to .Mac, so I have to do a forced resync from System Preferences or an "unpublish/republish" sequence in iCal. But it's the best solution I've found so far.