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Size Limits of Entourage Database

The Entourage 2004 & 2008 database has no size limit, just a limit to the number of items in the Entourage database: 2 million database items.

Note: Database items, not Entourage objects (such as messages, contacts, events, etc.). Dave Cortright, Entourage developer, explains it this way: An email or news message is actually TWO database items, and for anyone with near a million Entourage objects (messages, contacts, events, etc.), they will almost all be messages - the other stuff will be "loose change". So the limit is effectively just under 1 million messages. Entourage will notify you if you ever approach the limit.

Entourage X has a 4 GB limit on the Database file (there is no Messages file), and you will be warned as you near the limit. As you finally get close enough, it will force you to compact your database. You'd have to work really hard to lose data with Entourage X.

Note: You must use the 10.1.2 updater or later from Mactopia to get that 4 GB size plus warnings. The earliest release version of Entourage X did not have those features. Regardless, it is advised that you should update in any case. Entourage X is "End of Life" software. The last version is 10.1.9.

Entourage 2001 has a limit of 2 GB on both the Database and Messages file. It does not handle this limit very gracefully, so you may experience data loss if you hit it.