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Compact/Reduce Database

Entourage ONLY

  1. Clear newsgroups cache
  2. Remove attachments from sent mail
  3. Remove attachments from incoming mail
  4. Archive folders as MBOX files
  5. Entourage 2004 use Export -> Mail

To check how much free space is available on your startup disk:

  1. In Finder, select your startup disk's icon. For most users, this is Macintosh HD.
  2. Press the Command-I keyboard combination.
  3. The Get Info window for your startup disk will open.
  4. In the General pane, the Capacity, Available (free space), and space Used on your startup disk will be displayed.

Links to free up Hard Disk space

You also might want to consider iDefrag ($30): Defragmentation & Optimization for Mac OS X. It supports optimized defragging as well as simply (and quickly) joining free space into one continuous block. Also, it respects the system hot files.

1) Clear newsgroup cache:

Control+click the icon of the news server (e.g. Microsoft News Server) in the Folder List and select Empty Cache from the contextual menu that pops up. That deletes all the downloaded news messages from every news group of that server, all in one go. (Currently, this option is missing in Entourage 2008 May 28, 2008)

2) Remove attachments from sent mail:

Create a rule (in Tools -> Rules), under the Outgoing tab:

*If any criteria are met

IF Attachment Exists

THEN Remove Attachments

(If you check your message in the Sent folder you will see an icon to indicate the message has been modified.)

3) Remove attachments from incoming mail:

Use the same rule (above), just not an outgoing rule. Don't check enabled though. Run the rule manually using Message -> Apply Rule.

If you have attachments you want to save, get the script "Friendlier Claris It" that moves attachments to a folder and logs location in message.

Use Paul Berkowitz's script Save/Expand Attachments to remove attachments from incoming messages. It keeps a record of where the attachment is stored.

4) Archive a folder by dragging it to the desktop. This creates an MBOX file.

Drag your MBOX files into a new identity, then switch identities to search old mail. This keeps your regular database lean and more responsive.

You can also just store the MBOX file and drag it into Entourage at any time to view mail.

Tip: Create a Custom View to archive mail older than xxx days. Drag the icon for the custom view folder to the desktop to archive just mail older than xxx days. You can then delete those emails.

5) For Entourage 2004 uses, you can now Export Mail.