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Office for Mac is not a Clone of Office for Windows

Many switchers think that "Office for Mac" comes with the same applications as "Office for Windows." Office for Mac consists only of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Entourage (similar to Outlook) and Messenger. Not all features in the Mac versions are the same as the Windows versions.

Publisher, Access, Visio, OneNote, FrontPage and Groove do not exist for the Mac. There are Mac programs that will let you do the same things, and in some cases, they can import your Microsoft files. Another option is to run "Office for Windows" programs in Parallels/Windows on the Mac. See Bootcamp: Run Windows on a Mac


Office for Mac and Microsoft Access for Windows

Database Connectivity in Microsoft Office for Mac

Starting with Office for Mac 2008, these packages are available:

Differences in versions:

The Home & Student version does not contain Exchange support or Automator Actions. Some university students need Exchange support to connect for their school mail. Please contact your school to see what's needed or what package they can offer you. The Home & Student version cannot be updated if you find out you need Exchange after opening the box.The Home & Student version comes with 3 keys and can be used on 3 different computers in the same household at the same time.

The Special Media Edition contains Expression Media, the powerful asset management tool to visually catalog, organize and present all of your digital assets.

The Standard and Special Media editions are identical except for the addition of Expression Media. Both versions come with one key and can be installed on one desktop computer and one laptop, but you cannot use both at the same time if networked.

Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint are the same in all editions. Entourage is the only application that is modified.

Upgrade versions require proof when installing that you have a legitimate copy. You can point to an installed version or insert your old CD as proof during the install.

Microsoft does not make it easy to transfer your data from Windows to Mac or vice versa. Most users express the feeling that "It's the same company. Why do they make it so hard?". Other than sending in our feedback, users will have to resort to manual exports and third party options to move their data into Office for Mac. See the Cross Platform Page for help.

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