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Sympatico Account

No advanced setting required for this example.

See this page for help setting up your Sympatico account. Also see links for setting up your account here. Requires you to use your email address to find proper settings for your account. You should be able to use Apple's Mail instructions to get the necessary info. Entourage instructions are not provided.

User tips for setting up a Sympatico account:

Under "advanced settings" and when using POPHM and SMTPHM, check use "secure SSL" and on the sending "the server requires authentication"

Open your Sympatico account in Tools > Accounts. Then, click the "Advanced Sending Options" button and check the button that "SMTP server requires secure connection (SSL)" and "SMTP server requires authentication"/"Use same settings as receiving mail server". Click OK to save the settings.

Port settings:

Users report:

I have an sbcglobal.net account too and I use pop.sbcglobal.yahoo.com as pop3 server port 995. Works fine here.

I played around with the account and got it to work by using port 110.

Lynn, a Sympatico user has shared the following tips:

I, too, am a Sympatico user but due to their situation with no longer supporting rural customers who are unable to have high speed access I use a different (satellite) ISP. I keep my Sympatico account (DUN) for emergencies and for the simple fact that I need their security software for family members. If I used Sympatico alone I would have a fabulous 26.6 connection. Anyway, I digress.

Here's what I know from long experience with Sympatico and with also being a fairly recently converted Mac user currently running with Leopard 10.5.1 on an Intel Mac. Depending on the situation and the OS I use either the Second or Third options and so far have no problems with Entourage 2004 on my Mac.

First. Is your account the original Sympatico account? In other words is it a 10 MB storage account? If so, then your original pop6 and smtp1 settings should still be the ones to use. For these I do not believe you use SSL servers.

Second. Did you upgrade from the 10 MB storage to the Sympatico 2 GB storage account? If so, then you need to use the pophm and smtphm SSL servers. Incoming: POPHM.sympatico.ca; Outgoing: SMTPHM.sympatico.ca. Port 995 has to be enabled and I believe you also have to authenticate. I'll double-check the settings if this still needs to be confirmed. I actually use the Third option below in Entourage.

Third. Do you have the MSN Premium option on your 2 GB account? If you do then you can use the MSN/Hotmail option when creating your Sympatico account in Entourage.