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Send Only Account

A Send Only Account is used when you don't want your actual email address shared. An example of this would be posting on a newsgroup where your email address could be harvested by a robot. Other times you wish to use a different address for business or friends. Having a alias email can be used for the sending, but it's received with your regular account. Remember that spoofing anyone but yourself is absolutely and undeniably illegal. You should not ever spoof anyone else, not even in fun.

To create a Send Only account:

  1. Follow the normal account set up
  2. Leave the 'receiving mail server' field blank
  3. You will receive a warning when you close the accounts dialog to let you know that you won't be able to receive mail from this account, but that's OK
  4. Do not check Include this account in my "Send & Receive All" schedule. You might want to add S/O after the name to remind you it's a Send Only account.

To use the account, just select the address in the From popup for sending. For newsgroups, just select the S/O account for the From address when you create the account.

See Create a Fake NoSpam Account for newsgroups.