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Hotmail, MSN, Live & Outlook.com

Hotmail accounts are Web-based mail accounts. You can use Entourage or Outlook for Mac to send and receive messages from a Hotmail account rather than connect to the Hotmail Web site with a Web browser.

Setup & Use Windows Live Hotmail in Outlook & Entourage (includes FAQs)

On the Mac these accounts are only available as POP acount. POP accounts only download the Inbox. Outlook for Windows has a special conduit that has been developed specifically for Hotmail. It's not connecting through POP. Outlook for Mac simply does not have a plug-in system.

There is a third party option to get your account as IMAP on the Mac.

IzyMail for Full IMAP Access

For help, visit the Microsoft Forum: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windowslive/forum/mail