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FAQs for Entourage 2008

Some functions in Entourage 2008 have been:

  • moved to a different location in the menu bar,
  • changed or been removed.

This page will try to document them. Check back often for updates. Be sure to read

Entourage 2008 corrects several annoying behaviors for home users

  1. Menu items moved
  2. Can I change the toolbar in Entourage 2008?
  3. Sync Services no longer includes conduit
  4. Notifications are now called Reminders
  5. New column view in Address Book for last name.
  6. New Folder view for Default Account
  7. New Security feature blocks attachments
  8. New calendar colors too muted
  9. "For your security Entourage will block submission of this form"
  10. Empty Cache
  11. Rules not working after import
  12. New "Unsubscribe" for newsgroups
  13. New "Advanced Find" uses Spotlight
  14. Help updated through online feature
  15. Option-Click will close multiple windows open
  16. HTML display improved
  17. Create Calendar entry from a message
  18. Attachments over 400KB do not show
  19. Out of Office is now included. Please use with care.

1) Menu items moved

Some menu items have moved. For example, previously to view the source of a message, you could find it under View in the menu bar. Now it's under Message. Same for Header info. To find any menu item, use the new Help feature in Entourage 2008. Type in the Help search box the item you want. It will show you the location. View Screenshot

2) Can I change the toolbar in Entourage 2008?

Yes!!! There is also a Favorites bar where you can drag your favorite folders for easy access. See Screenshots

3) Sync Services no longer includes conduit.

Entourage no longer includes a conduit. Everything has to go through Sync Services now. "Sync Services" allows users to synchronize with all mobile phones supported by iSync. iSync Compatible Devices

If you have a Palm, you'll have to use a third party application like The Missing Sync. Paul Berkowitz's scripts still work perfectly to sync Entourage 2008 to Address Book and iCal in Tiger. Sync Entourage-Address Book 2 and Sync Entourage-iCal.

For help syncing your calendar see: Calendar synching between Entourage and iCal

Users are reporting a lot of duplicates. To deal with duplicates use one of the delete duplicate scripts. No word yet on what is causing duplicates.

You can sync your Blackberry using either Missing Sync and/or PocketMac.

Entourage supports the same basic Exchange Server features as Outlook such as calender, contacts, email, public folders, GAL lookups etc. Its implementation of many advanced features is lacking such as no support for .pst files, no ability to view calendars side-by-side, no tasks and note syncing and no support for server-side rules. (Entourage 2008 will support Out of Office.)

4) Notifications are now called Reminders.

Starting with Entourage 2008, Office Notifications are now called Office Reminders. It's not simply a name change. The Microsoft Database daemon no longer quits Reminders in Entourage 2008.

Before 2008, the daemon owned telling the reminders app that there were reminders. With 2008, the daemon only owns launching the reminders app and the reminders app asks the daemon about what to show.

So what does this mean for Entourage 2008 users? We need to add to our scripts to not only quit Entourage and the Microsoft Database daemon, but to actually quit the application Office Reminders. For users of Entourage 2004 and Entourage X, you can continue to use the quit daemon script to quit Notifications, but you should add the quit script for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Messenger. More info

5) New column view in Address Book for last name.

When you are in the Address Book view, select under View in the Menu bar, select Columns then select First Name, Last Name. You can deselect Name. Once you add new columns you can reorder by dragging on the top. View Screenshots.

6) New Folder view for Default Account

Your Default Account is now listed on top in the folder window. You cannot delete the "Folders on My Computer". If you use an Exchange or IMAP account the "Folders on My Computer" will drop to the bottom right above Mail Views. Their position never changes.

Many users ask why can't they delete "Folders on My Computer" (FOMC). All accounts send through the Outbox. FOMC serves as an interface to store and organize (archive) messages locally on your computer. Until MacBU develops .pst support or something similar, we need this capability.

7) New Security feature blocks attachments

Even though you have the contact in your Address Book, Entourage will block certain types of attachments. You can read about this new change in Entourage Help. Do a search for "About security in Entourage".

You can change this, but do so carefully as this changes the .plist file. Office Admin Guide: Customize Entourage 2008 attachment settings

8) New calendar colors too muted

Many users on the newsgroup are asking about the new colors in the Entourage 2008 calendar. Most complaints stem on the color for "today". Here is how it should look. It is a pale yellow.

9) I ship a lot of packages through Canada Post - I have them email me all of my delivery and shipping notifications - On every confirmation it shows "For your security Entourage will block submission of this form" and won't allow me to see the info in the email - Can I set Entourage to allow me to view my emails?

This is part of Entourage's new security settings. Be sure to do a search in Entourage Help for "About security in Entourage" to understand the new changes. If you want to change the Attachment Policy, create a supplementary .plist file as described in the following article: Customize Entourage 2008 attachment settings. You must restart Entourage. Entourage will only read the file in on boot. Note changing this file could affect updating Entourage. I would keep a copy of the original file as replacement during the upgrade process. Additional info

10) Empty Cache

Select the container (either a folder or the entire mailbox, apparently) and select Edit/Folder Properties. With the General tab, there's an Empty Cache button in the middle of the pane.

Another casualty of the transition to Entourage 2008 is the Empty Cache for the Entourage newsreader and purge IMAP messages. Currently there isn't a way to empty cache files. Rebuilding the database in Entourage 2008 no longer flushes any caches. More info: Empty cache files in Entourage 2008

However, the new 'repair message list' seems to achieve the same end result in most circumstances.

11) Rules not working after import

This is a known issue with no known workaround.

The upgrade from 2004 to 2008 changed the folder IDs, which Rules use to identify the correct folders. All you can do is edit each rule and select the correct folder to fix the problem.

12) Unsubscribe for newsgroups.

You can now Unsubscribe from a newsgroup selected in the Folders List by going to Edit menu where there is a selectable "Unsubscribe" menu item. You do not have to go to the news server's list of groups. This is especially helpful if it's a defunct newsgroup where unsubscribe resulted in error message: "No such newsgroup."

13) New "Advanced Find" uses Spotlight.

"Advanced Find" in Entourage now uses Spotlight to search. It is blazing fast. You can quickly enter a search using shortcut Command-Option-F. This takes you to the search field (same as top search box)

14) Help updated through online feature.

Help content will be updated on a regular basis based on customer feedback/data. These updates will be automatically available in the Help Viewer if you have the Help Viewer set to online mode (you can switch between online and offline mode in the bottom left of the Help Viewer window). The updated content will also be available on Mactopia.

15) Option-click on the red close button will close multiple windows open.

Previously, if somehow you had a few or hundreds of open windows open in Entourage there was no way to close all windows with the normal Option-Click on the red close button. This option is now available in Entourage 2008.

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

Option-Command-W - will close all Windows

Option click on Red close button- will close all open windows

16) HTML display.

The good news is, Entourage 2008 had a very significant under-the-hood update to its HTML display engine - moving from Tasman (the old Internet Explorer engine) to WebKit (the Safari engine).

17) Create a Calendar entry from a message.

If you flag your message in Entourage 2008, you can assign it a reminder and due date. Just use the drop down next to the "To Do" button in the toolbar.

ToDos get displayed in several views (Calendar, MyDay, Tasks).

18) Attachments over 400KB

Entourage 2008 will not show jpgs in the message if they are over 400kb.